That Girl in Pinafore (我的朋友, 我的同学, 我爱过的一切)

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August 3rd 2013
Published: August 3rd 2013
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Saturday, 3rd August 2013

This movie is about dreams, love and friendships. And of course, lovely Xinyao songs.

Thank you for bringing back great memories of yesteryears as we caught the movie, That Girl in Pinafore (我的朋友, 我的同学, 我爱过的一切) this afternoon. This movie is about dreams, love and friendships. And of course, lovely Xinyao songs. Great casting aside, the movie also produced a talented bunch of youngsters with their own rendition of Xinyao songs which gave them a whole new lease of life.

Having waited in anticipation for the screening of the movie, "我的朋友我的同学我爱过的一切" since March this year, there was a bit of excitement in the last couple of weeks when I knew that the movie was finally coming to the screens on 1st August 2013.

If you were a fan of the hit 2007 / 2009 hit musical, "天冷就回来" and the 1997 movie "轨道" (The Road Less Travelled featuring 蔡丽莲, 李心玉 and 吴罗宾) you would probably also enjoy the same, familiar xinyao songs in this new movie. Familiar tunes like the classic 1983 "邂逅" (one of the pioneer xinyao songs by 巫启贤 & 黄惠贞), "细水长流" and "你的倒影" (from the 1989 Mediacorp drama "生活歌手" featuring fresh faces 陈莉萍 and 李南星).

Singapore had produced a bunch of young talents in the early 1980s and 90s when I was growing up as a kid. It's always good to relive those years of nostalgia as it brought back memories of the many hours spent in front of the radio humming along these melodious tunes.

Certainly, the movie is sure to please anybody who grew up during the Xinyao era. Thank you for the great memories.

"That Girl in Pinafore" ran for a total of 63 days between 1st August to 02nd October 2013 grossing over SGD 555,000 in total box office receipts. It opens in Malaysia from 21st November 2013.


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