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April 5th 2011
Published: April 5th 2011
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Dear Friends
Arrived here 6.30am on Sunday. Yes- this is where I started in Singapore with Fabien and Sharon and this is where I finish this journey. In the 6 months since I have been travelling there seems to have been more new things built and more still to come- Singapore seems to be always looking ahead - there is a new Art Science building and buildings housing water gardens soon to be finished down at the Marina Bay. Interested in modern architecture ? - this is a good place to study it. And what I really like is although it is a modern bustling vibrant city the streets a very wide as are the pavements and at street level you dont feel like you are in a concrete jungle as there are huge canopied trees towering above you and gardens and water features wherever you walk...yes it certainly is The Garden City. Of course one of the nicethings about staying with Fabien and Sharon ( and bit of news - they got married while I was away- Congrats to them both and I am looking forward to a repeat celebration in France in August when they do it once again) is that they know the city and so take me out to interesting places to eat - so I get to try Asian food that I havent had before - they order cos I havent got a clue - but it's always yummy good choices and fortunatley they havent ordered a chicken feet dish yet.!!! So with our SundayDim Sum lunch came the chrysanthemum tea I liked so much the last time - and we have been able to find some to buy now so I am bringing some home.
The range of food outlets is enormous as are the shopping malls - and you could spend a fortune eating and shopping but tucked away here and there are very inexpensive places. And where can you get Chinese toast ( Kaya which is a sort of toasted sandwich spread with sweet honey and coconut) and a coffee for $2.50 which is just over £1. And then I found a little chinese place doing pedicures for £5. Lunch was £4 - grilled chicken +2 side dishes and a coffee!!! It is interesting just to wander and see what is there.
Rain stopped play earlier today when I was out wandering ( and boy does it come down - yes it's a tropical rainstorm) so i came back to the apartment and will go out later to see the new Marina Bay Sands Complex - 3 Towers topped with a huge cantilevered complex + long swimming pool on top 57th floor + if there is time I might get to the ArtScience museum which has a Ghengis Khan exhibition.
And so I leave you with a walk through the Botanic Gardens National Orchid Collection - it will be difficult picking out the orchid fotos from over 100 that I took ( I did restrain myself) .
I will actually be looking forward to getting home - not moving on for a while, being in my own bed and not living out of a suitcase - AND I can wear some different clothes...6 months wearing the same things gets tiresome - although I have added to my wardrobe on the way and chucked some things out.
I am sure that this won't be my last blog - I seem to have enough of a following to keep you all up to date from time to time - so although I wont be doing a LONG trip like this for some time I will be doing mini- trips ( one coming up to Sweden over Easter) and it's a good way for me to keep in touch with everyone and show you my fotos.
So MANY MANY thanks to all the lovely people who have helped to make this a most exciting and wonderful 6 months - thanks to all the generous, kind and hospitable friendly people I have met along the way who made this all possible and kept me going at times. And I really do hope that they will all turn up on my doorstep at some point inthe future.
And thanks to everyone who has been with me reading the logs and commenting every step of the way - I know that some of you have said that you felt like you were with me - well for me it felt like I had my old friends and new alongside me too- I was never lonely even thought I was alone.

Not goodbye but Au Revoir.
Much love
Lynne xx
PS I got those possum socks that I wanted and everyone said I should buy - eventually at Auckland airport as I left NZ.

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5th April 2011

Well done Lynne, that's been some trip. You must be ready for your home bed now! Bet you get there and have itchy feet after a couple of weeks! xxx
5th April 2011

Take care flower I'll speak to you soon What amazing photos you have fed to my eyes. Janice
5th April 2011

Well done
Have enjoyed your blogs and admire your tenacity. Happy homecoming. Viki
5th April 2011

Going home.
Hi and bye Lynne. So as with all good things, your journey has ended and you are on your way home. What a time you've had - floods, earthquakes, drought and who can remember what else. It was great to meet you and then to keep up with all your exploits. Back to the grind now - but what wonderful memories you have with you. Take care - we might see you one day soon (2012) in the UK. Who knows??? Cheers and thanks for your wonderful blog. Jan
5th April 2011

Dear Lynne, well done to you.You have done a great trip and you are a great person.As you say,it will be lovely to get home and sleep in your bed again but what wonderful memories.Well done you.xoxo Suzanne
5th April 2011

Gosh what wonderful photos of the orchids - I must make Singapore some time - friends are moving there for 2 years so that might be a good time to visit! I just hope that all the kind generous people don't turn up on your doorstep all at once!! See you very soon Love Jill
6th April 2011

Welcome Home from the sewing group
Hi Lynn Have so enjoyed your blogs, and as you say, we feel like we have been there with you sometimes. You must have really kept your fingers exercised with all the typing! The photos have been beautiful, and will provide a real reminder to treasure in the future. Enjoy being home, back in your own bed and with your familiar things around you. We look forward to meeting up with you again in the Group, andhearing at first hand about your wonderful experiences. Take care, and bon voyage!
6th April 2011

awesome orchids
Well these were truly gorgeous flowers to receive on my wedding anniversary. B forgot it again this year as he has tended to do a bit recently. Have so enjoyed being with you on this journey, a journey in more than one sense of the word, I feel. Enjoy ypur return and rediscovering your cosy bed and clothes you'd forgotten you possessed. Much love, Sue

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