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February 3rd 2015
Published: February 4th 2015
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Hi People,

So we started off the day badly!! I check my bag and found I have lost £700 of cash in different currencies 😞 Vick was not happy and I'm gutted so much money to lose!! I have phoned both hostels we stayed at and no luck but to be honest if you found it what would you do....pocket it probably!!!!

So after that start we headed out to Sentosa Island, it was recommended to us by many different people. We got the MRT (Metro system) there, which is very easy to use and follow as it's all in English unlike Russia and China!!! We walked over the Broadway bridge which was nice and only cost $1 (1 Singapore dollar = 50p). There is loads to do here and great for families, however it was too expensive for us to really do anything. It has a Madame Tussores, Universal Studios park, Water park, and many many more things. We saw the Sentosa Merlion, (head of a lion, body of a merman) which is the icon of Singapore, the beaches which are man made but beautiful, the most southern point on Continental South east Asia. We were tempted to do the I-fly which is a simulated sky dive but was to expensive (like most thing here). We chilled on the beach for a while reading until we decided to head back to Beth's. (I was feeling really poorly with cold sweats 😞!!!!!)

Once back we sorted out all the blogs from the last few days (As you all read 😉 ) It was nice to sit down for a couple of hours.

We headed back out about 4pm to Little India as it was in the top 10 things on lonely planet to do!! (I don't like lonely planet guides as they change too much from publication) We again used the MRT (if you come here get an underground top up card it will work out so much cheaper and easier to just get on overtime and they work on buses) to get to little India. To say it was a disappointment is an understatement!!! It was just full of Indian restaurants and gold shops 😞 there was a festival going on while we were there called Pongal festival; there were a lot of people singing and chanting and wearing these strange outfits (see the pics). It was fun to see but just made everywhere congested so we quickly left and headed to the botanical gardens.

The botanical gardens are free to enter and the metro drops you off right at one of the entrances. We had a long walk around seeing all the different statues and plant areas. The areas are split into different plants like the ginger gardens, evolution gardens, healing gardens (which was shut on tuesdays oh wait it was tuesday!!!), and many more. We really enjoyed it and we're amazed at how many groups of kids and adults were about at 1830 still eating together and chatting and doing sports, its humbling to see the unity in other countries and see how bad England is getting. We then headed to the Night safari....the worlds only night safari as well apparently....!!!!!

We had to get the MRT to station Ang Mo Kio on the North out line, once there you have to cross over the the bus junction to get the 138 bus at terminal 1, it is very frequent and only $2.10. Once on it took around 30 mins. Once at the safari desk we paid $42 dollars so £21 entry including the tram ride through. It was ok however for people going there it starts at 1930, however it advertises the creators of the night show and the Thumbuskar Performance (fire eating and stuff) up until 2230 however in small print it says only Friday sat and sun. So make sure you go to the shows first before going on the tram or walking trails as we didn't know this and missed both shows 😞

The night Safari was ok but not worth the hassle and price of getting there as we couldn't use flashes but it was too dark to catch the animals on camera!! We saw elephants, lions, tigers, Hyenas, rhinos, a giraffe who was sat on his bum which was a rare sight we were told, zebras, wolves and many more creatures. We headed back about 2215 and headed back to Beth's. It took a good 1 hour 30 mins to get back and were both shattered when we finally got back so both crashed straight away.

We did eat today but we just picked up small things not really worthy of notice on here apart from my amazing dumplings (pork and chive) lunchtime and Vicks pork steamed buns. Had to add some food on the blog!!!

Love N&V x

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