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April 3rd 2016
Published: June 29th 2016
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I had been eagerly waiting for my holiday with lots of expectations. I was considering traveling around the world just to visit new places and relax my mind for quite some time before resuming my job. I had been wondering all along which places I should visit as I wanted to spend the holiday in a special way. I went ahead and asked my colleagues at work, and that is when a particular colleague suggested to me that it would be worth visiting the Lion City-Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. I welcomed the idea with jubilation and could not help waiting for the holiday to start.

It is one of the latest icons for Singapore, and you can simply not miss it because of its breath-taking architecture. Immediately my holiday commenced, I did waste any more time and booked a flight to Singapore. When I arrived in Singapore, I used the Singapore Metro to move around as they have the best public transport system I have ever seen in my life. Due to the fact that Singapore traffic jams are very rare in Singapore and drivers really respect pedestrians, I accessed the Lion City by simply walking there by foot. I visited Singapore for a week and planned my trip pretty well so that I could be able to visit every part of the Lion City-Gardens by the Bay the way I wanted.

Singapore is such a wonderful place to live in. Singapore has been able to preserve its architectural heritage and is a very clean environment. I was amazed at the huge number of skyscrapers, Chinese, Indian and Malay temples present in Singapore. I was surprised at the high numbers of newly built green areas. The whole place is simply green with a huge variety of flora and fauna that is just amazing.

I started my walk inside the Gardens by the Bay very early in the morning, around 7:45 am. At this time, the temperature was still cold, and I was able to take a stroll in the Garden freely. This walk was very helpful to me as allowed me to be able to see the beautiful scenery at the Garden. The different plants that I saw looked very attractive and the information that I got about them was very comprehensive and useful. Surprisingly enough, the place even has different landscapes, and there is even a swamp inside the Lion City. I visited the Flower Dome as well as the Cloud Forest. I was impressed with the waterfall at the gate of the Cloud Forest as well as the setting of the trees which resembles a real tropical forest. The Flower Dome, on the other hand, had almost all kinds of flowers, plants, and cacti from different countries. I also visited the Super Trees and was amazed by the way it looks. I can simply describe it as “visually arresting” because trust me you won’t want to leave this place.

I had the opportunity of taking a boat ride along the Singapore River, trust me this is an experience that you never want to miss. The boat ride enabled me to see the city from a distance along the river, and it looks so amazing. When the nightfall comes, the lighting is just indescribable. The whole place is lit up in different attractive colors attached to the tall trees, and I simply loved it. I simply enjoyed my adventure and swore to myself to visit the Lion City again as soon as possible. I would urge everyone to visit this place as soon as they can and enjoy what they have been missing.


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