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Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road January 3rd 2020

Lyn and I arrived here on Christmas Eve at around 5.00pm. Met by Pip at Changi Airport after an initial flight leaving from Wellington at 6.55am to Sydney, a 3 hour transit then the flight to Singapore, by QANTAS. Uneventful and not too bad as both flights were in daylight which somehow makes the travel time seem more bearable. We'd stayed the night before in the Rydges Airport Hotel for a reasonable cost and it was much better then a God-forsaken early morning rise in Waikanae and the trip into the airport to be there by 4.55am. We're here for 3 weeks which will include a side trip to Ipoh in Malaysia to see something different this time around. Now only one sleep before we head home tomorrow - so, a summary of what we have ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road January 1st 2020

One of the (many) things I love about Singapore is the interesting architecture of the modern buildings and the careful conservation of historic buildings. And some of the historic buildings have remarkable stories attached to them. Most people, if they are at all familiar with Orchard Road, think of it as one long concourse of conspicuous consummation. It is all that, and then some. Huge malls connect underground to other huge malls that connect to other huge malls via skybridges. But along the way, there are a few spots where you can still see what things looked like in Singapore’s past. I went out this morning looking for one of these conserved buildings that I had read about, 14 Orchard Road, which had been the home of Malayan Motors. But before I got there though, I ... read more
The Cathay
Balloon dogs
interior of The Cathay

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road March 24th 2019

Hiroshima We arrived in Hiroshima an evening earlier than expected and as a result had to find a place to stay. We found the Matsui Garden Hotel on and once there were reminded what a pleasure it can be to stay in a decent hotel - nothing flash but a good business hotel. Good room and WiFi and good location at a reasonable price. Then off to find a close by restaurant with good reviews that we found online, Izakaya. We got close and asked some locals where it was as the signage outside was all in Japanese. They were very helpful and managed to take us back to our hotel before we persuaded them we were going in the wrong direction. Needless to say 15 minutes later we were back at the place we ... read more
Sake in a box
Jazz Mingus .
Three school uniforms from blast

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road September 12th 2018

We were so wrong. Me and my wife never considered Singapore as a must see destination. With our limited resources to go on travels, we always thought why would we visit another mega city, when in fact we live in one, and have easy access to maybe one of the world's best known mega city, Tokyo, which we are not a big fan of. But then, I was pleasantly surprised to be asked to go Singapore to attend a work related symposium. I was not so thrilled though that my original 7 hour flight to Singapore from Osaka was changed to more than 12 hour waiting/ traveling time, with a Tokyo stop. Osaka's international airport is still not operational as it was destroyed by the biggest typhoon to hit our city in the last 25 years. ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road July 22nd 2017

22nd July 2017 Weekend This was a weekend staycation @ the Quincy Hotel Orchard Road for KW and myself. The main reason that we booked the Quincy is that this is one of the few hotels where all rooms enjoy complimentary club benefits. In a nutshell, all our meals were fully taken care of during the duration of our stay which was an excellent choice since we did not wish to step outside the hotel during our staycation. The swimming pool at the roof top was rather small even though it didn't seem to be crowded when I was using the facilities on both occasions. The hotel appeared to be a favourite choice among birthday guests since we noticed the service crew going round the tables during dinner and presenting small treats to the birthday boy ... read more
The roof top pool
Our room

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road April 3rd 2016

I had been eagerly waiting for my holiday with lots of expectations. I was considering traveling around the world just to visit new places and relax my mind for quite some time before resuming my job. I had been wondering all along which places I should visit as I wanted to spend the holiday in a special way. I went ahead and asked my colleagues at work, and that is when a particular colleague suggested to me that it would be worth visiting the Lion City-Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. I welcomed the idea with jubilation and could not help waiting for the holiday to start. It is one of the latest icons for Singapore, and you can simply not miss it because of its breath-taking architecture. Immediately my holiday commenced, I did waste any ... read more
Gardens by the Bay view from afar
Gardens by the Bay at night
The horizont at night

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road March 28th 2016

A simple Air Asia 1 hour flight brought us to Singapore, not as exciting as the train maybe but a whole lot quicker. I’d like to have told you we then booked into the Marina Bay Hotel. Kim has been desperate for a swim at the incredibly high infinity pool atop this crazy hotel, spurred on by some Germans we met, he’d been watching the room prices avidly, but at over £300 per night (plus 17% tax) I had to comment that it was a very pricey swim, and voted against. However, the Marina Bay Hotel dominates the skyline here, and haunted Kim because you could even see it from our room at our very functional YMCA (please no singing) hostel! Just to torture him further we took a trip up into The Marina Bay, not ... read more
Singapore slings #2-at long bar, Raffles Hotel
Cloud Forest-Gardens by the Bay

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road September 21st 2015

We are both feeling a little tired this morning, so are quite relieved we do not have much booked today. Just before we left Tenerife we heard, through Trip Advisor, about a food trail they do through the hawker centre in ION Orchard Mall. This is a free activity that looks to be sponsored by both the food stalls and the centre. Initially there were just the two of us, but we were later joined by a lady from Indonesia and her disabled son. Our host took us into the hawker centre and explained how many of the local and non-local foods are prepared, and in some instances were able to offer us a small sample. The guide was obviously very knowledgeable and the tour was very interesting and delicious. Think we will be eating very ... read more
ION sky tower
George´s favourite
cooking well

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road July 26th 2015

Sunday, 26th July 2015 Our SG50 Weekend countdown continued with a visit to the Istana grounds today. The skies were generally clear even though we welcomed the slight drizzle in the afternoon to bring down the scorching heat to a much bearable portion. It was helpful in that the roads leading to the Istana Building were lined with huge rain-trees that provided a welcome respite from the sunny weather. The State Rooms were also opened today and we had a rare glimpse into the elaborate interiors. This was a great Sunday to be out and about as we relived our NS memories where we were posted here during our Active Service.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road July 25th 2015

Saturday, 25th July 2015 There were simply too many "freebies" to partake as we approached closer to the SG50 Weekend proper in August 2015. In fact, the inaugural SIA Open House was also held this weekend and I would probably have registered for it should I had known it earlier. Anyway, we decided to pop by at the National Orchid Garden located within our very first UNESCO World Heritage Site - the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The usual $5 admission was waived for all Singaporeans from now till end of August 2015. Mum and dad were pretty bored looking at the animals when we visited the zoo two weekends ago. The situation was quite different when we visited the orchid garden as they were happily snapping shots of the beautiful orchids of varying colours. To minimise walking ... read more
Swan Lake
And more Orchids

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