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June 23rd 2016
Published: June 23rd 2016
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When I started researching about the available attractions in Singapore, after my trip to Gardens by the Bay, I was astonished by the number of things you can do or see in Sentosa Island. There are so many that we dedicated 4 days to experience the full savour of this place. We spent most of our time exploring these sites and yet we did not complete seeing all of them. Nonetheless, we got to see a big part of the island. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old. Getting a tourist visa to Singapore is very easy. Though the government has made it a little bit difficult, a Singapore visa remains to be one of the easiest one to get in the world.

There is definitely something for you in Sentosa Island. I was personally obsessed with Visiting Merlion’s Tower at Sentosa Island.

Sentosa is actually an island resort based on the coast of Singapore. You will easily reach it from Singapore like I did. On a yearly basis, this island is estimated to be visited by more than 5 million people. This number must have grown since it is almost a year since I visited the place.

When I arrived on this island, I was surprised by how much this island was modern (perhaps you should visit it to see what I mean). This island is full of attractions suitable for the whole family.

Adventure Cove Waterpark

It was until I visited this park that I realized how much a water park can offer. It’s great looking with slides and places for your kids to play. This is also the place with a dolphin island. I enjoyed the socialization with the dolphins. I had never seen a dolphin live before. This was a breath taking moment for me since I also got a chance to touch and take a few selfies with the dolphins. It was a moment that will remain in my mind forever.

Resorts World Sentosa

When I visited this resort I was amazed by what it had to offer. It consumes a big part of the island and will be the first site you are also going to visit. It nests several hotels, restaurants, shops and even casinos to ensure that you experience the best on your stay. While hear, all of my entertainment needs were fully taken care of. I was particularly intrigued by the trick eye museum which is one the biggest attractions on the island. There is also a dolphin and fish aquarium that you can quench your thirst for dolphins, it is an exclusive place to be.

S.E.A Aquarium

Before I had visited this aquarium, I knew it was the biggest in the world. However, I did not imagine it sturdy and commanding stance. According to my own evaluation, this is the best aquarium to be ever built. It is one of the most amazing spectacles on this island with over, 100,000 marine creatures and more than 800 species. If you are the kind that is fascinated by the marine environment, you should consider visiting this place.


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