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Asia » Philippines » Siquijor December 27th 2018

Tagibilaran port was busy and you have to queue 3 times, if like us you’ve bought tickets in advance; once to change your online confirmation into a ticket, once to pay a small port charge and once to check your luggage in (which also costs extra). Usefully at this port each is next to the other and we’d arrived when the queues were short. We had open class tickets, the same price as economy we prefer to be outside, this turned out to be on top, we had a roof and plastic drop down sides but it was a beautifully calm day. The waters were crystal clear and there was not a ripple it was had to believe this was the ocean. Definitely the flattest calmest waters we have ever sailed. With a journey time of ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Siquijor January 14th 2018

Nach einem weiteren entspannten Tag im Noordzee Resort ging es mal wieder auf die Weiterreise. Ich nahm die Fähre nach Siquilor. Laut der Philippiner spukt es auf dieser Insel. Allein der Gedanke ist für mich kompletter Unfug, doch da hatte ich noch keine Nacht auf der Insel verbracht! Alles begann mit einer Tricyclefahrt zu einer Unterkunft direkt am Strand. Der Strand war weiß, leer und es wehte eine laue Briese. Ich checkte in ein kleines Bungalow ein- ganz allein. Ich hatte schon lange nicht mehr ohne andere Menschen im Zimmer geschlafen und mich auf eine friedliche Nacht gefreut. Ich lief am Strand entlang und wurde von einem schweizer Pärchen angehalten. Absolut verrückte Leute, aber super herzlich. Wir verbrachten den Abend am Strand vor ihrem Bungalow bevor ich mich auf den Rückweg machte. Ich öffnete die Badezimmertür ... read more
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Asia » Philippines » Siquijor May 21st 2017

Down to my last weeks before I return home to Denver I wanted to have one last holiday in the sun. Beaches, sand, sunshine and some adventure were all on order. Thus I had arranged to come to a country I knew little about, but what I did know is that it would fit the bill for all that I was looking for in a final destination of sorts. What I have found the past two weeks is a country with friendly people, broad smiles, and a fun loving nature. What I also found was an old friend with some time off who decided to join me for one last international jet set. It's a good life. Flying into Manila I left the airport as the sun was rising over the vast metropolis. I was keen ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Siquijor November 30th 2016

siquijor is consider to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. i have first hand experience in this island since i took my college here. it is also one of the lowest criminal rate country since the local governement provide safety throughout the entire province. the island provide wide range of choices for travellers. one the most effective way to enjoy the island is through bikes! yes, if you love riding a bicycle then this island is best for you. you can rent a bike and use it as you want in a reasonable amount. you dont need to plan about your itinerary in the island since you have your own time wandering and experincing the beauty spot in the island using bike. you can stop any where, any time. if you have ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Siquijor July 10th 2015

The Philippines - Visayas (Bohol & Siquijor) Bohol We anticipated that catching a ferry from Cebu to Bohol would be a simple ordeal.. apparently not in typhoon season! Having waited a total of 12 hours at the port over two days we were finally boarding a ferry, along with other Filipinos, some of which had been stranded for three days. Due to the high demand we were only able to purchase tickets for open air, meaning we were sat at the back along with all the luggage. As soon as we boarded the boat we were immediately hit by the stentch of petrol being blown into the air by the gusty wind. The choppy journey felt endless with numerous people vomitting into plastic bags and water gushing in over the sides but we eventually made it ... read more
Chocolate Hills, Bohol
Sleeping tarsier
400 year old enchanted tree

Asia » Philippines » Siquijor August 8th 2014

Going to Siguijor from Dumaguete is really easy by ferry. There is a slow ferry that takes about 1hr and a half and the fast ferry about 45min. The fast is 140PHP per person and the slow 100PHP. We took the fast ferry on the way there and the slow on the way back. The last ferry to return to the island is at 5:30 but its never on time. Tourist would rent a bike and go around for the day. They island has hikes, waterfalls and white sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise water. Bill and Ivy rented a bike for 500P to go see her dad for her birthday and they sent me in another bike to go explore Tabut Sanctuary of Coco Grove Resort which is a high end Dive Resort that cators ... read more
Our trip to Siquijor-3
Our trip to Siquijor-4
Our trip to Siquijor-5

Asia » Philippines » Siquijor August 1st 2014

On continue nos aventures philippines avec Freddy et Marie sur l'île de Siquijor. Bien plus grande qu'Apo, il y a une « autoroute » de 70 km de long autour de l'île, parfait pour se promener en scooter. On explore d'abord les terres et les magnifiques cascades d'eau fraiche qu'on se partage avec quelques autres étrangers avec qui on ira se faire un bon barbecue sur la plage. Le long de la route on voit régulièrement des panneaux indiquant des réserves marines donc on décide de se faire une autre journée de scooter pour s'arrêter sur ces spots et faire du snorkeling. C'est ainsi qu'on arrive sur la plage de Paliton, qui en comparaison aux plages de cartes postale qui entourent l'île ne paie pas de mine car il fait du vent, il y a des ... read more
Une cascade
Dans la jeepney en route pour Siquijor
Plage de Paliton. Tout au fond, l'endroit ou on a vu le requin baleine !

Asia » Philippines » Siquijor March 25th 2014

Leaving Tagbilaran and the Chocolate Hills and tarsiers of Bohol, it was a 3h+ ferry ride to the small island of Siquijor, southeast of the Negros. Immediately upon arrival at the port in Siquijor town, I was back in capital-preservation mode, refusing the waiting tricycle drivers offers to send me to touristy San Juan beach, for an exhorbitant (?) PHP200-250 (USD5-6) fee for the roughly 10km ride. Instead I thought I would skip the overpriced tricycle ride, plonk myself somewhere in town near the port, and subsequently figure out a cheaper way to get to San Juan beach. Guesthouse pickings were slim in town however, and I ended up in Das Traum which was essentially a homestay in a huge bungalow that had, however, obviously seen better days a long time ago. LP had said the ... read more
Siquijor Coastal Highway
Perfect Sunset on San Juan
Welcome to Siquijor

Asia » Philippines » Siquijor June 6th 2013

Hey darlings! So following on from the last entry, we did manage to escape Boracay on the day of my horrendous sickness but not until about 6pm - 13hours of sickness, diorrehea and sweating :( Kate fed me mentoes, Gatorade and soda crackers to try and give me enough energy. The owners of the hostel kept coming to visit me, offering more Gatorade and stomach tablets. They offered to let us stay another night which was really sweet but we had already booked a night in Kalibo where we were due to catch the plane from on Tuesday. In the back of my head I was desperate to get away from Boracay - partly just because we'd been there so long and partly as I knew Kalibo offered our own room with aircon!We made the journey ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Siquijor April 29th 2013

De mange s'er er meget benævnende for tiden i Filippnerne. Efter fantastiske Malapascua rejste vi videre til Bohol eller rettere en brofast ø, Panglao. Det er fortrinsvis her de turister, der tager til Bohol, bor. Jo, der var en del flere turister, men det udmøntede sig mest i, at der var en del restauranter og til børnenes glæde lidt souvenirbutikker. Vi skulle lige vænne os til flere turister, men det var fint med lidt mere liv og valgmuligheder, når vi skulle ud og spise. Standen var samtidig lækker, og der var masser af plads. Største "problem" var, at her var swimmingpool, og så fik Hannes højt elskede strand jo konkurrence. Heldigvis elsker børnene at snorkle, og der er jo kke så mange fisk i poolen, så vi kom og en del til stranden😄. Udover badning og ... read more
Apo Island

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