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Asia » Philippines » Puerto Galera January 25th 2017

The second half of my first work week went by pretty fast. As I left off, I was really sick on Tuesday. So on Wednesday I made an appointment with a clinic attached to my apartment to see if I can get some medicine prescribed to me. I made the appointment for later in the day. However, Wednesday was also the day that the stitches in my arm were supposed to come out. My dermatologist had sent me with a suture removal kit so I opened that up and tried to remove them myself. Since it was on my arm, I could only use one hand so it was extremely difficult. I ended up getting one stitch out (but nearly cut it so short that it was going to be stuck in my arm and I ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Puerto Galera April 7th 2014

Asia 2013 Hi! I am thick in the middle of planning for this year’s dive/travel adventure. Nepal has been on my tongue for weeks now so I have decided to start there. I haven’t researched what I might do but I am thinking I will make it a “vacation”: sleep, eat, walk, meditate, and take some land photos. I tell people that my SE Asia sojourn (five months) last year was not a vacation. Traveling is a way of living. The focus of the trip was diving some of the exotic places I have read and heard about in the thirty years I have been diving. However, during those five months decisions had to be made…where to stay, what to eat, what to see, what to wear? That is not a vacation. My friend Debbie and ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Puerto Galera January 31st 2013

The time finally came for deskwarming to be over and to head out to vacation in the Philippines! We had been planning the trip for months and booked about 4 different flights to visit different destinations in the Philippines. Everyone was so eager to get out of the cold and into some tropical weather with nice, sandy beaches! Our flight was early morning so we had to wake up at the crack of dawn and get the subway out to the aiport. When we left Korea it was 12 degrees Fahrenheit so we were getting quite the few stares from the Koreans as we wore our shorts and light jackets to the airport. We were taking a small backpack for carry on and didn't feel like lugging around a thick winter jacket. It was worth it ... read more
Banca boat
Banca boat ride

Asia » Philippines » Puerto Galera » Ponderosa November 2nd 2012

Yes, it has been years since... Yet these fun filled memories of our vacation to Puerto Galera with my dear friends still live in my heart of hearts.... read more
snack stop-over at Batangas restaurant
ferry ride to Puerto Galera with my best friend, Riza.  :)
Ninong's Angels :D

Asia » Philippines » Puerto Galera » Ponderosa October 31st 2012

This a bizzare adventure to the surfers' island of Puerto Galera way back 2009 with Mel and Ninong Ibrahim.. :)... read more
lazing by the poolside :)
with the lush green backdrop :)

Asia » Philippines » Puerto Galera April 22nd 2011

What better way to start the Easter weekend than get on a plane an head to a tropical island. Yes that is what I did. After a flight to Manilla and a car ride south, I took a one hour boat to Puerta Galera on Mindoro island, to spend a week next to the sea in a beautiful villa with my new flatmate and her parents. The villa had bedrooms with large windows overlooking the sea on the lower level, and upstairs was a large balcony that looked over the pool and across to the ocean, and the doors opened right up so the whole villa was in the fresh air. The villa overlooked the small pool on the level below, which overlooked the bay of Sebang, looking out towards the mainland in the distance, tropical ... read more
Boats with large bamboo outriggers

Asia » Philippines » Puerto Galera January 31st 2011

It's my first time in Puerto Galera. And also first time experiencing para-sailing, mixed emotions: afraid, excited, dizzy and ENJOY.. I really had fun. Meeting new friends and having quality time with my cousins. SUMMER 2010 Thumbs Up. =)... read more
Puerto Galera at night
Beautiful Galera
Banana Boat

Asia » Philippines » Puerto Galera June 23rd 2010

And there it was. After 8 dives here, I had been waiting to finally see one. I had heard there used to be plenty, but over-diving had scared them and the sharks into deeper water. Big fish and funny coloured sea slugs are all well and good, but this is what I had to come to see. My dive buddy is a veteran. John. He must have done over 1000 dives and his aging body looks like it. I haven't asked him about the huge scar running up his leg. He's American, his kids live in San Diego, but he's not from there. Not anymore. He's been diving around the world for 17 years non stop. He shows me stuff I would have never spotted, points me into underwater caves with flashlights and guides me through ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Puerto Galera April 3rd 2010

The journey from Kuala Lumpuh, Malaysia, to Dumaguete, Philippines. Where to start? It was going so well until we landed in Manila and set foot on Filipino soil. Because they are essentially sadists, Cebu Pacific airline insists on overnight flights. We landed in Manila at 6am local time. We were tired, dirty, hungry. Our plane to Dumaguete was at 7am. After a very long wait in the check in queue we were relieved to find ourselves at the departure gate. Then our plane got delayed for three hours. In order to butter up the disgruntled passengers, Cebu Pacific gave out free food to everyone on the flight. It was fried chicken and rice from Jollybee. This meant that the plane reeked like KFC. Grrr...! We finally arrived in Dumaguete and we were immediately looked after by ... read more
Harold and Abi
Some tattoo dude all over Oriel

Asia » Philippines » Puerto Galera February 16th 2009

Day 8 - Food Poisoning! It was bound to happen. After another great day of lounging in the sun, we decided to head down to Sabang beach in the evening. We headed to Captain Gregg's, which is a dive centre/restaurant/resort. All big places there work like this, especially on Sabang. It's dive central. Anyway, long story short, Greg ordered the "chuck burger" on the menu. I warned him against eating it. It's a HUGE burger with a thick beef patty with slabs of ham topped with strips of bacon. That is not normal, even if you do eat meat. About 4 or 5 hours later, he started not feeling so hot. An hour or two after that, he was dashing in and out of the bathroom violently throwing up and subjected to other uncontrollable bodily functions. ... read more

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