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Asia » Philippines » Marinduque July 2nd 2012

Most people who grew up here in Marinduque have heard of stories of gusi (antique jars) filled with gold being unearthed by poor, industrious people who must have done a lot of good in their lives that they are worthy of being led by earthly spirits to secret spots where buried treasures lie. There are even more plentiful stories of such treasures disappearing mysteriously when finders are about ready to pull them out. The gold and precious stones are just suddenly covered with earth and sand by mysterious forces, never to be recovered again no matter how hard the finder might try. It is accepted by many that such buried treasures are zealousy guarded by spirits, with not many willing to dispute that. In folklores from the northern part of Marinduque such hidden treasure stories are ... read more
Sayao Bay
Houses along the coast
Road to Guisian

Asia » Philippines » Marinduque June 28th 2012

For once, all of the fisherfolks of this well-known fishing village of Bunganay in Boac, Marinduque parked their vessels on the shore, nobody ventured out to fish. This happened on the feast of San Juan Bautista. St. John, the Baptizer on June 24th. But it was for a good reason. San Juan is not the village patron saint but every year, men, women and children look forward to this day as the only time of year when the whole community gets together, to have fun on their beach, swimming, eating, drinking, laughing and enjoying their togetherness. A day or so before this barangay leaders, youth organizations and fishing cooperatives hold an informal meeting just to check who should bring drinks, who should prepare the food such as pansit, palabok, siniroy, niyubak, macaroni soup, cook fish, etc. ... read more
Boys together
Bunganay Estuary

Asia » Philippines » Marinduque March 14th 2012

Getting to Marinduque was not as easy as we expected, seeing as its very close to Manila. From Dau in Pampanga we took a bus to Pasay in Manila. We asked some local tricycle drivers and they said they could take us to the JAM Liner Terminal nearby. So we agreed a price and set off in the tricycle, but instead of using the main roads the driver headed off down the back alleys of Pasay and soon we were stuck in total gridlock! We decided to leave the tricycle there and tried a Jeepney instead, same result! Total gridlock in traffic. So we just walked it! Much better. Then we rode the bus to Lucena and then a tricycle the the port of Dalahican, arriving at about 5pm only to discover the next ferry was ... read more
Moriones masks
Tahanan Sa Isok
Old Boac house

Asia » Philippines » Marinduque December 6th 2011

Spending a Christmas at Bellarocca is quite nice, since they will provide you first class service. The facilities and amenities in their hotel is world class. If you are the type of person who wants their privacy and would also want peace and tranquility with their lives, Bellarocca would be the perfect place for you. I spent an overnight stay at Bellarocca with my cousins’ Ysa, Yna Tina and my sister Ciacia. We stayed at the terrazas. The terrazas would be the perfect villa, if you are many in your group since it can accommodate 5 persons. I don’t much recommend the food here in Bellarocca since the food does not maintain the standards of a 6 star resort. They provide few entrees and they mostly sell Filipino and Greek food. Even though it was Christmas ... read more
Boat Ride to Bellarocca
Bellarocca Christmas
Bellarocca Island

Asia » Philippines » Marinduque January 16th 2011

Chateau-du-Mer is a small, quiet resort in the island of Marinduque, Philippines. It is located in Barangay Amoingon (Boac), and is less than 10 minutes driving either from Cawit Port or from the Marinduque Airport. With a well-designed beach house, a spacious garden, a conference room that has been used for regional meetings, the place has also become a popular venue for wedding receptions, anniversaries and family affairs. Recently, a beach wedding was held there. While fairly new, the owners are now considering more refurbishings in the area, apparently encouraged by similar public and privately-marked efforts to pursue the island-province's potential to be a byword among eco-tourism destinations in the Philippines. Marinduque continues to be touted by developers as one of the next hottest tourism hotspots in Asia in view of its proximity to Manila, unspoiled ... read more
The conference hall.
Blue Orchid

Asia » Philippines » Marinduque January 16th 2011

Here's a video of Chateau-du-Mer which is really just a step away from my Bahaghari place, in the coastal hamlet of Amoingon in Boac, Marinduque.... read more

Asia » Philippines » Marinduque November 5th 2010

Maniuaya Sand Bars in Marinduque is one of the most peaceful and untouched islands here in our Country. ... read more
my cousin

Asia » Philippines » Marinduque June 25th 2010

Bellarocca Island Resort Spa is one of the most luxurious resorts here in the Philippines. It is a Greek inspired resort which is similar to the houses in Santourini. One night would cost you about $400 to $5,000. The Resort is quite expensive for a normal Filipino but if you are the type of person who really wants to have privacy this is the perfect place for you. You can get here by plane, yacht or even helicopter. But Zest Air and Sea Air offers flights to Marinduque. I have been dying to to see this place for over a year. When I got a chance to read an article in a Travel Magazine, my cousins and I went decided to go here last may 2010. The food was great but they do not offer buffet ... read more
Bellarocca's famous chair
Arrowroot Cookies @ Rejano's Bakery
hobie cat ride

Asia » Philippines » Marinduque June 21st 2010

Photos from events and activities undertaken by the Marinduque provincial government.... read more
bong vice

Asia » Philippines » Marinduque April 19th 2010

Linggo ng Palaspas, Palm Sunday, celebrates Jesus Christ's entry to Jerusalem for the Jewish festival of Passover, with crowds of people waving palm branches to welcome him. The raising of Lazarus from the dead performed by Jesus gained him popularity in Jerusalem where he was to fulfill the words in the Scriptures on His final days. Decorated palaspas, palm fronds, or smaller ones bought from early-morning vendors are brought to the church by parishioners to be blessed by the priest. The procession that follows sees the waving of these fresh palaspas, in memory of the Christ's triumphal entry to Jerusalem. These are then brought home and kept in altars, or behind doors and windows to drive the evil spirits away for a year. Then their potency would have waned by then so that they would be ... read more

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