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December 9th 2009
Published: December 11th 2009
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Round 1 - Fight!

Since Simon had been in the area longer than the rest of us he knew about certain interesting bars to spend the evening. We went to a place called Tia Maria, which had some live bands, and began with a barrel of beer and lots of food. My normal diet at this point is getting severely neglected but I can't say I didn't see that coming.

Now here I was drinking with two people from England and a man living in Ireland for the past few years. Needless to say this would not end well. We went through a couple of barrels of San Miguel beer, the Philippine pride and joy, before the shots started coming. Dave got us tequila shots since he reasoned we were in a "Mexican themed bar", and remembering some brutal experiences with this particular alcohol, I downed one and notified the group I'd be sticking to beer for the rest of the night. This didn't stop them however, and the shots started coming at a frequent pace. It was really insane how these guys could hold their liquor. As they were all drunk, and I was bordering on wasted, we did the one thing we could think of...hit the dance floor. I generally hate dancing, especially to mainstream pop music, but I really started getting into it and before I knew it I was wrecking the dance floor. Next thing we knew all the locals were screaming out ecstatically and all fighting for some place to dance right up with us. Very weird as normally back home I tend to have the reverse effect.

As the night wore on we were becoming celebrities of the place with all the ladies wanting to take turns dancing and getting tons of pictures with me. Apparently the younger Filipino guys started thinking I was Steve-O, from Jackass fame, and even more pictures were taken as a result. Funny is that even back home I get that comment a lot. Dancing made me really sweaty and I had to continuously refresh myself with more beer. One of the bands called us out from the stage, asking where we were from and if we wanted any requests. They started playing some heavy rock music and I thought it'd be fun to show these guys what a mosh pit was. Big Mistake. Next thing I knew all of them were backing away with what could only be described as confusion on their faces. More mainstream music came back and we danced on. All I could say is my dancing was so cheesy I might have been arrested back home. In fact I would have insisted on it. Two Filipino dudes wanted to continue hanging out with us and kept telling me I was even cooler than Steve-O, to which I quickly agreed.

Before we knew it, it was four in the morning. We took off from Tia Maria and headed to a place called LA Cafe. A sausage fest this was not. I don't know if it was because a lot of Filipinas are trying to hook up with foreigners but there were so many and they were looking good! Immediately our table was surrounded by them and we chatted and ordered a few more rounds. At this point I was hardly coherent, and basically unresponsive even to the ladies. I guess it was the mix of being up at seven in the morning that day and being completely wasted. Simon did warn us that many of them viewed us as walking dollar signs and that we should be wary of especially overly friendly ones. We heeded his advice. Amazingly it was now eight in the morning and even the Filipino guys that came with us were passing out at our table. I had to keep going to the bathroom to splash water on my face to stay awake, whilst attempting not to fall flat on it.

As we walked out the sun was already shining bright and it felt as though my pupils were retracting into my brain. Right away people were coming up to us asking for spare change and I was so drunk I decided to yell at them to give me spare change. A little homeless girl was jumping on me and wanted me to play tag with her. I patted her on the head and gave her a nutribar I had on me. We took the train back to the hostel and after delaying the train by holding the doors open so Simon could get on board, I decided it was time to do pullups while the train was moving. We got back home and I immediately passed out. I ended up waking up for Dave and Kelly to say bye to me as they were catching a flight out to Palawan, the Visayas region of the Philippines. I then continued sleeping until four thirty in the afternoon. I had a pretty awesome time.

Second Night Out - This time with Billy in Tow

Our second night out in Manila consisted of Simon, Billy and myself. We headed back to LA Cafe cuz Billy wanted to see the place after hearing about our night out, lucky for him he quickly found a chick and wasted little small talk before making out. We eventually had to drag him out of the place so we could head out a more reasonably priced bar. Although we had wanted to go to a different bar, we couldn't find it and settled for another night at Tia Maria.

The booze was flowing yet again and we met all kinds of people there once more. Two performers from one of the bands eventually sat at our table and we chatted with them until I decided to start drumming at the table to a song and knocking over a glass, shattering it everywhere. We decided it'd be a good time to go soon after.

As we arrived at our hostel we realized the door was locked and no one was answering the bell regardless of how many times we were ringing it. I scaled the fence and jumped to the other side and let everyone in, until we all realized that the second door was locked as well! It took a while before we made enough racket to get someone to open it for us. We then made our way inside and slumbered away.

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11th December 2009

NO FN way!
DANNNNNNNNNYYYYYY!!! I am so excited for you. It looks like you are having a blast. I love the photo with u passed out on the street. Hope you are having a blast. WE MUST TRAVEL together one day. Look foward to reading more of your blogs. Take care, miss you lots. I hope I will see you in february.
13th December 2009

Yeah so far I'm having a blast, and not one case of diarrhea yet! Sweet. Definitely get some money together and see the world, it's really worth it. Don't know when I'll be back yet but I don't see you in feb I'm sure there'll be other opportunities. And your email address makes you the coolest kid in school.
16th December 2009

room mates!!
shared a room with these guys that night or morning should i say as they didnt get in til the sunrise!all that needs to be said is lots of swaying was being done, they were in the ass up face down in the pillow sleeping position, gas was being released as they snored into the late hours of the next day and every time one of them tried to turnover in his sleep he kept whacking his head against the wall.........all in all it was very entertaining and i applaud them!!!!:-)gutted i missed out on such a good night.....
16th December 2009

a blast with a blast
naah...hehe..great pics...great smiles...sure lots of fun.
18th December 2009

tucker max
what ever you do I hope you keep Mr.Max somewhere in your conscious part of your thoughts
19th December 2009

Mr. Max
Yeah he was definitely with me on this night!
13th June 2011

manila nighlife
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13th November 2018

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