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March 21st 2007
Published: March 21st 2007
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 Asia » Philippines » Manila By Bennyb
March 21st 2007So as I was looking though my previous enteries I noticed that I totally missed one port. So ya here are some pics from Manila. So In order the ports that we visited were Bacolod, manila, Cebu and then Batangas. So ya try to imagine that this was squeezed somwhere in there. Anywho I hope you like the pics anyways. !!

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Pastor kids !Pastor kids !
Pastor kids !

We had any eday at a church one day and we went to the pastors house, this was a pic of his children !
Chruch time !Chruch time !
Chruch time !

This was actually the same pastors church. It was an outdoor thing and not really a church, more of a gathering I guess if you will to hear what is going on. It was in the slums on a basketball court

This is a pic of all the children that were around after the church sevice took place. There were so many kids around so we just decided to play with them for a while and so ya !
The Crowds line up !The Crowds line up !
The Crowds line up !

Just a pic of the ship we call Doulos, and the masses of people lined up to visit the ship ! I think there were so many people there. It was a busy port as far as I remember
Downtown Downtown

A picture of the downtown area. Actually it is alot bigger than what you see here but I give you an idea as to what the area around looks like. Not so many tall buildings around.
Smoky Mountain I-night Smoky Mountain I-night
Smoky Mountain I-night

I don't know if you remember me telling you about the I-night that I had a chance to goto but this is a pic of the I-night we had. This was smoky Mountain. Just incase you don't remember this was considerd the most dangerous place in the philippines and here we are playing with the kids. God was sure with us. !!
I-night crowdsI-night crowds
I-night crowds

This was the stage that the local people built for us to use during I-night. notice it is in the middle of the street some how. Ya alot of people came the see the prefomance and it was an amazing night !
Smoky Mountain.....Smoky Mountain.....
Smoky Mountain.....

For those who do not know Smoky Mountain was not just a pretty name but actually was named so because the area was built on a smoking pile of garbage... So ya here is the name for you !
I night crowds..I night crowds..
I night crowds..

Again the I night crowds.. but notice this time the top left conrner of the pic. Put this pic and the last pic together and you will see what we saw. The pile of garbage was that close to where we were preforming ! Anwyho I hop you all remember me telling you about this i-night. if not pls ask because it was amazing experiance!!

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