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March 16th 2007
Published: March 16th 2007
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Hey Guys hows it going out there ? So ya I found out that there is a wireless connection at the back of the ship so ya that would be why so many updates in the past few days..... I am sitting here on the childrens play ground writting you this. So ya hope you enjoy the pics !

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Group PhotoGroup Photo
Group Photo

This is just a pic of the group that I had the chance to work with while on an e-day ( ministry day ) It was alot of fun working with them !
hiking !hiking !
hiking !

This is a pic of us during our day off, we went hiking in an active volcano. This was the view from the top.
Crater time !Crater time !
Crater time !

This is another pic from the top. The middle part is the actual crater. We eventually ended up hiking right into the crater !
a view from the inside!a view from the inside!
a view from the inside!

This is a pic from the other side, if you look in the distance that is where the last pic was taken from. We ended up taking a boat across annd going right to the top again ! Quite the adventure!
School visitSchool visit
School visit

This is a pic of all the students that turned up for one of our school visits. I guess the teachers got confused and thought that the whole school could come rather then just a few classes. So over a 1000 kids showed up that day for a program... Lets just say out main lounge only hold about 500 kids packed in....
Dancing anyone ?Dancing anyone ?
Dancing anyone ?

One eday that I had we went to do some sports ministry in this village. We were they to play vollyball with them but they wanted to have a dance contest first. So well... I never danced but some people from my team gathered around to watch and dance!
Vollyball time !Vollyball time !
Vollyball time !

Finally we got the chance to play vollyball. I really like the game but it was quite unorganized and did not work well because we all played diffrent rules and all so ya.. but still the time there was good !

Just some of the locals that we were playing with! They were very happy to be there with us and have us play with them !
My team!My team!
My team!

This is just a pic of the team that I had. Well really it was just a group of guys because they would switch with some other random person in the middle of a game so really I guess we all played Ya but either way we were there to share our lives with them and they were happy to be there and listen so ya !

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