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March 12th 2007
Published: March 12th 2007
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Well Cebu has been a busy port for the ship. We have been in this port now for a month and we have sen over 130,000 visitors. For those of you who don't know the ship was last in Cebu in 2001 and since them people have still remember the ship and how it has impacted them. So needless to say they were quite happy to see us again !! I hope you enjoy ths pics!

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Busy day !Busy day !
Busy day !

This is a pic of the line up of people visiting the ship on the 3rd day in port. In fact one the very first prgoram on board the ship there was over 200 people. So ya kinda busy !
Univercity of Cebu !Univercity of Cebu !
Univercity of Cebu !

Just a funny pic of when we were arriving in the port. I thought iwas cool. I actually went to the the univercity and it was not like that at all. Still kinda funny
Philipine VillagePhilipine Village
Philipine Village

This is a tipical Philippine Village, Not alot of people have much money so they are forced to love on the river side in their homes like this. I had the chance to work with some people form this village !
Cebu Preship !Cebu Preship !
Cebu Preship !

We had the opertunity to welcome a new preship on board during out time in Cebu. So this is the canadian group just ready to welcome them as they arrived !!
Orfanage ChildrenOrfanage Children
Orfanage Children

If you remember me telling you abou the over night I had the chance to go on this is a pic of the children we were working with !! It was so cool playing with these kids !
Prayer meeting !Prayer meeting !
Prayer meeting !

During out over night we had time to go and have a prayer meeting with a loacl pastor, it was on the beach in these little huts. So nice
Kawson waterfallsKawson waterfalls
Kawson waterfalls

on a day off on of the local Volunteers took me a nd a group out the the water falls in the mountains. It was amazing, so beautiful !!
Cliff Jumpin anyone ?Cliff Jumpin anyone ?
Cliff Jumpin anyone ?

This is a view from the top of the falls. The guy in the pic actually jumped from that spot later on in the day !! I was too chicken...
Quick Swim in the ocean !Quick Swim in the ocean !
Quick Swim in the ocean !

If you remember I told you about swimming !! This is a pic of the ships company swimming in the ocean as we stoped for a while !! It was great !@
Childrens Rehab CenterChildrens Rehab Center
Childrens Rehab Center

One day I have the chance to work with the Children of a rehab center. If you remember me telling you about the guys who needed the bibles these were them !! I delived 75 bibles to this place after the program
Bibles anyone ?Bibles anyone ?
Bibles anyone ?

This is a pic of me handing out the bibles to the Guys of the rehab center ! I gave them each a new testiment bible and a few whole bibles to the teachers of the school as they did not have any around!

12th March 2007

Great pics!
What a wonderful life changing experience you are having aboard your ship, Ben. Thanks for keeping us all posted... God Bless!
15th March 2007

A Title
Dude, I just got caught up. You are doing some pretty sweet stuff. Thanks for taking to time to update us and upload the pics. I know that it can take some time when oversea. Keep it up buddy, God Bless.

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