Greetings from Tawian

April 30th 2007
Published: April 30th 2007
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Greetings from Tawian

 Asia By Bennyb
April 30th 2007Hey Hows it going ? well this is our first port in taiwan. After being in the philippines for 3 months is has been quite the change. We are no longer in a county that speaks english too much. So I have had to get use to translation again. Ah well.... It also has been a change because tawian is not really a poor country so it has been a little but diffrent for me. Anywho I hope you like the pics

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Crowds of people lining up Crowds of people lining up
Crowds of people lining up

This is a pic of all the people lining up to wait to get into the book shop on weekend. It has been really busy. I think we had over 10,000 people this day. Crazy
Radio Star ?Radio Star ?
Radio Star ?

On one of my E-days ( Ministry day ) I had the chance to be at a radio station. We were not on the radio live but were given the chance to make a recording !! It was cool !
Card tricksCard tricks
Card tricks

At the radio staion we also met the mayor of the city. I had the opetunity to show him some card tricks. LOL it was fun. I also had tea with the mayor and my picture wa published in the local newspaper!!
Party Time Party Time
Party Time

We had a day tour of the city and after the tour we went to a local native party, were they feed us and taught us how to dance !! It was good fun !!
Monkeying around ?Monkeying around ?
Monkeying around ?

We also had the chance to visit what forigners call monkey mountain. There is an actual local name for this place but it was names so from the not locals because of all the monkey that are around. We feed them banannas and they seems pretty friendly
Monkeying around 2 ?Monkeying around 2 ?
Monkeying around 2 ?

Just another pic of "monkey Mountain"
A view from the topA view from the top
A view from the top

This is a pic from the tallest building in the area. It was 85 floors and we took a tour of it. It was neat to see the area from a good view point
Local lunchLocal lunch
Local lunch

After an e-day we were taken out for lunch. We had a real good time talking and eating together. I have become really good at using Chop sticks.

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