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Asia » Philippines » Leyte August 21st 2017

It is Sunday morning and I am sitting on the porch watching the waves crash against the sea wall. It seems that it is all or nothing with the sea here. Either the water is so calm that you could be looking out across a really enormous lake, or otherwise it is dramatic, noisy, and violent. I prefer the latter to watch and listen to, but it does make getting in and out of the sea, especially when wearing heavy dive gear and trying to navigate the uneven rocks underfoot, extremely tricky, as I proved yesterday when it took me five minutes to inch the short distance towards the beach steps and it was only due to gallant intervention on Dudong's part that I didnt end up permanently impaled upon a very sea-urchiny rock. Last night, ... read more
Shameless Shrimp

Asia » Philippines » Leyte August 13th 2017

This morning I am on the other side of Sogod Bay waiting excitedly for an actual 'real' coffee. CCC have come on holiday- ie we crossed the bay to try out a night dive site. Unfortunately I have managed to pick up a cold from somewhere despite the 34c heat, so have been out of the water for a few days, missing not only the first day of surveying but also an incredible sounding recreational dive on the south wall and the pier night dive that everyone went on last night. Luckily we had a night dive earlier in the week so I got to have this amazing new experience- diving in the dark is totally different, a strangely peaceful experience in which I got to see the parrotfish tucked away into their nighttime cocoons (they ... read more
Tricycle ride!
Debs, Javi and Charlotte in Padre Burgos
Emerging from the pier swim

Asia » Philippines » Leyte August 8th 2017

I turned 30 at the weekend and had an amazing day. I am usually very lazy about celebrating my birthday and have very underwhelming memories from my 18th and 21st so I am glad to finally have has a milestone birthday worth remembering! As it was Saturday, we started the day with Deep Clean and then had two practice survey dives. The weather had miraculously cleared up overnight and the sea was beautifully calm and clear so we were able to dive at House Reef again which was great as we had spent the previous days trekking over to Analao and Estrella. Going to these sites meant longer days and fewer fish to see, although we did get a very nice boat ride with some extra drama thrown in for free when Pete's flipflop was spotted ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Leyte » Tacloban August 2nd 2017

Another week has flown by! Again, it has been busy and hard work, but really fun and my brain is currently aching from how much we have learnt (and from all the Tanduay last night). On Thursday, we did two recreational dives to celebrate being fully qualified and welcomed the new volunteers, Charlotte (who was returning from last year), and father and son Peter and Charlie, Rachel the new scuba instructor, and Javier the new science officer. On Friday, it was back to work again and we began SDP, the science development programme. We began by learning about substrates (sand, corals, sponges etc) which is far more complicated that I had ever realised, but after a nailbiting computer test and two underwater validation tests, I finally passed. It was the same with Invertebrates and Impacts (the ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Leyte July 27th 2017

After a very busy first week I, along with Debs, Iris, Pau and Guisla, are now certified Advanced Open Water Divers! It has been hard work, having to work around the windy and rainy weather, which made the sea next to Napantao too choppy for training but the hard work and careful planning by the CCC staff meant training was able to carry on. We ended up travelling to the more sheltered bay at Analao which meant the days were long and had to be carefully organised but it was worth it in the end when we finally qualified! Tomorrow we begin the Science Development Programme with the new volunteers but today we are recreational diving to celebrate our new qualifications. It was great to be back on house reef where the wildlife is so much ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Leyte July 21st 2017

So I finally made it here! Twenty-one months after my original start date, I arrived at the Coral Cay Conservation base in Napantao with scuba instructor Pip who had picked me up at the tiny Tacloban airport at the other end of the beautiful, lush island of Leyte. The base location is amazing- from my bedroom window (bedroom name= the Saucy Sweetlips) we are just a few metres from the sea and the most amazing coral I have ever seen. The place puts the base in 'basic'- there is no running water and so to flush the toilet we have to stagger in with heavy buckets filled from the sea, but there is a nice outdoor shower and a diligent roster of chores and Saturday morning deep clean keeps the place nice and tidy. The power ... read more
Bedroom window view!
CCC base- butterfly fish species

Asia » Philippines » Leyte July 15th 2014

Cela fait plus de 9 mois que je n'ai pas plongé et mes vacances approchant mes palmes commencent à sérieusement me titiller. Avec les centaines d'îles que comptent les Philippines, j'ai du mal à choisir mon premier spot de plongée et je me décide finalement pour un spot pas trop loin de Guiuan, au sud de Leyte, à Padre Burgos. C'est la saison basse et avec la saison des pluies et des typhon, mes vacances commencent mal. Un typhon passe sur Guiuan la nuit avant mon départ pour Padre Burgos et avec le vent et la pluie j'ai peur de ne pas pouvoir partir ! Après concertation je pars finalement en direction de Padre Burgos et je fais mes premières expériences de transports philippins: les vans roulant à toute allure et les jeepneys, ces anciennes jeep ... read more
Ladyboy show !
Baie de Sogod

Asia » Philippines » Leyte » Tacloban January 15th 2014

A wonderful day to you all. This is my first post about my trip that I'm setting off for on Feb 3rd 2014. I'm heading to the Philippines to work with Coral Cay Conservation on their reef project and around in the local community. More to follow.... read more

Asia » Philippines » Leyte » Tacloban June 12th 2009

These photos were taken on the 30th of October 2007. After a few days in Manila, we made our way to Tacloban for a 4-day trip. It was divided into visiting my relatives (dad's side & then mom's side) and my friends with a little city sightseeing on the side. My uncle picked us up from Tacloban airport and then we made our way to Jollibee for breakfast. Ordered the chicken joy meal. I love how they serve their chicken, they actually do it right - it's crunchy/crispy and also tasty. Sad to say, KFC Australia's chicken isn't even up to par. The skin's soft & also peeling off. Anyway enough about chicken, after breakfast my uncle took us to my auntie's house & we left our bags there, relaxed for a bit before heading back ... read more
Close up
The plaque explaining what happened here
The plaque explaining what happened here

Asia » Philippines » Leyte » Tacloban June 4th 2009

A very old beach resort, popular for families who like to spend their weekends together locally. I remember coming here all the time when I was young. The resort itself is clean, the water is not your usual white sand & crystal clear blue water. The sand itself if black due to the island's volcanic origins.... read more
The coconute trees
More trees
One of the pools

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