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June 12th 2009
Published: June 13th 2009
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These photos were taken on the 30th of October 2007.

After a few days in Manila, we made our way to Tacloban for a 4-day trip. It was divided into visiting my relatives (dad's side & then mom's side) and my friends with a little city sightseeing on the side.
My uncle picked us up from Tacloban airport and then we made our way to Jollibee for breakfast. Ordered the chicken joy meal. I love how they serve their chicken, they actually do it right - it's crunchy/crispy and also tasty. Sad to say, KFC Australia's chicken isn't even up to par. The skin's soft & also peeling off.

Anyway enough about chicken, after breakfast my uncle took us to my auntie's house & we left our bags there, relaxed for a bit before heading back into the city to do some shopping. There's not much shops there but I just popped into Penshoppe & Bench to pick up some little t-shirts to wear. Silly me forgot to bring enough clothes, the rest of my stuff were left in my uncle's house in Manila.

Met up with my cousins in the afternoon, we commissioned our uncle to be our driver, he enjoyed hanging out with his nieces & nephews since it made him feel young. hahah He took us to MacArthur's landing memorial, took the usual photos. After that we had halo halo at Chow King while we waited for my other cousins. Btw I think the halo halo is the only thing worth getting from that place. Everything else is substandard. It was only 5pm yet the sun have set & it didn't help that it was pouring down rain. Nevertheless we soldiered on and drove to San Juanico Bridge to take some photos. BAD IDEA! Not only was it raining but it was dark so you couldn't really see this awesome bridge. I've read somewhere that it's the longest bridge in Asia. It's too bad I wasn't able to capture its beauty. After our failed excursion to San Juanico Bridge, our uncle took us to the Capitol Building, we took some photos outside. Did the usual silly poses ie marching, saluting etc. We looked up & noticed there was a WWII Exhibit. Entrance was free so we all went in. (Donations are welcome.) There were a lot of WW2 memorabilia, a diorama of the Death March and some old newspaper articles. It made us all proud that our hometown played a part in the war.

We then made our way back to my auntie's house for dinner, she cooked us a feast. After we had our tummy's fill, we drove to my other cousin's house, picked him up & we went to have some coffee at Gloria Jeans. It seems like the place to see & be seen, students were all hanging out there. I bumped into 2 of my old elementary school classmates. Caught up for a while before going our separate ways. My uncle then drove us to Inzomnia which is a bar near Santo NiƱo church (weird, huh?). He was a good sport, he just hung out at the bar while my cousins and I separated ourselves from him & just danced and drank. At the end of the night, the bill arrived and it was about 3,000PHP which is only $85AUD. I think it's pretty good considering we ordered quite a lot of drinks & bar snacks. Not to mention there were 6 of us and we were there for 4 hours. In Australia, that would be how much I'd spend for 2 people.

We left the bar at around 3am & made our way to this 24 hour restaurant & ordered some soup for ourselves. Our head was throbbing sooo badly. Our chaperone/uncle didn't think much of our drunkeness. He took it in stride & was even proud of us for lasting that long considering we were drinking the hard stuff. Too bad the other uncles & aunties weren't impressed. LOL

All in all it was a good night. ^_^

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