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Asia » Philippines » Donsol March 15th 2010

Dès notre arrivé à Donsol, nous avons du chercher pour un hotel, ce qui s’est avéré être plus difficile que prévus... Après avoir visité 3 hotels, nous avons finalement terminer notre rechercher pour finalement être capable de s’allonger dans un lit après plus d’environ 30hrs sans sommeil... Mais après avoir bu plusieurs café en matinée et en plus l’excitation de visiter un nouvel endroit... nous étions incapable de dormir. Nous avons donc décidé d’aller manger un peu et visiter les environs. Nous en avons aussi profité pour s’inscrire à la visite des Whales Sharks pour le lendemain matin. Donc, après avoir mangé un peu, nous voilà de retour à la chambre... il est maintenant le temps pour un petit somme avant d’aller souper en soirée... il était environ 4hrs PM lorsque nous nous sommes allongés pour ... read more
A nice Lion fish during my first Dive at San Miguel...
That's what it looks mouth opened...
Beau coucher de soleil à Donsol...

Asia » Philippines » Donsol March 5th 2010

When we first read about swimming with the whale sharks in Donsol, and that the best time of the year is March, we knew we had to go. Donsol will probably rank as one of the best experiences of the trip. From Manila we flew to Legaspi, and then got on a bus to Donsol. On the bus we met a friendly American couple, who I'll call Mr. and Mrs. D, and we agreed to go out on the same boat to see the whale sharks the next day. The first thing we did when we got to Donsol was head to the visitors center and pay for a boat the next day. The boat holds a max of 6 people (not including the boat men, spotters and the BIO - I'll get to them later). ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Donsol May 7th 2009

I love the pursuit of strange food. So far my list of 'accomplishments' includes the following: * cockroaches (Thailand and Cambodia) * grasshoppers (Thailand and Cambodia) * vegemite (Australia) * chicken feet and intestine satay (Indonesia and Aus) * fish eyes (Malaysia) * frogs (Laos) * snake (Aus) * dog (Vietnam and Indonesia) * cat (probably at some stage on Victoria St...) * squid ink-based pasta (Italy) * a "special" chicken biriyani topped with the heart and liver (Burma) It goes on, but right now my iPod's new playlist (cool names for songs - 'Backseat Love', 'Antichrist Television Blues', 'Gay Bar', 'I Am The Walrus', 'NiggyTardust' etc) is distracting me from the task at hand. I digress. Weird food is clearly a completely subjective thing. It only took sharing a bus seat with a Cambodian who ... read more
Manila Basilica
Kids in Intramuros
Jurassic Park

Asia » Philippines » Donsol April 22nd 2009

Philippines stage 1 Alright here we go! My 11 day journey through the Philippines began with an 5:55AM flight from Singapore to Manila. There were 7 of us leaving from NUS to Changi Airport at 3:30! Talk about to early... We arrived in Clarke airport north of Manila and took a bus to Cubao bus station in Manila. After buying some tickets for the night bus to Naga City, we got some food and headed to the MRT line to explore the city. We began to notice the bad ass security guards everywhere. Our bags were searched by officers (or even canines) each time we entered the MRT station or changed trains. It was kind of funny at first, but it got old quick. We walked around the old city for a while and visited an ... read more
In the jeepney
in the jeepney

Asia » Philippines » Donsol March 8th 2009

Wow! What an amazing thing to experience. Swimming with something the size of a small bus. Being hte not amazing writer that I am, I am not sure if the words that I use can describe it, but I will try. The trip from Manila to Donsol takes a long time by bus. I left at about 4:30 in the afternoon and got there at about 6 or 7 in the morning (I was too tired to remember). Not sleeping much on the bus, I needed a nap, so that meant swimming with the whale sharks had to wait a day. I heard it was best to swim with them in the early morning, so I wasn't too disappointed. The next day, at about 6:30, I woke up excited and scared. I am afraid of sharks. ... read more
Butanding (found online too)

Asia » Philippines » Donsol February 24th 2009

Hi all currently writting this from Manilla after a 12hour bus journey and have had maybe 1/2hours sleep since 7am yesterday its now 10am today here. : ( So at the end of my last blog I set off for Donsol on the train from Manila, next we had to find the bus station we new it was in the Taft/EDSA train staion area, but where was anybodies guess, so after asking a few locals and police, we finally found the station and the bus we thought was meant to be leaving at 6pm, it was a public bus so the seat was ripped and defoamed and my window didnt stay open without my water bottle propping it up, which was ok apart from I then had to have my rucksack and day bag on the ... read more
Wahle shark
Going verticle before diving

Asia » Philippines » Donsol February 18th 2009

We were only on the boat for 5 minutes. “Get your gear on!” the guide yells out - A rush came over us. Our snorkel gear was on. “Get ready! Get into position!”It started to feel like a raid. Flippers on - our legs dangling over the side of the boat. “Okay… GO, GO, GO!” We drop into the sea and before you know it a whaleshark is swimming underneath me - Only metres away. This is the greatest wildlife experience yet. I was in Donsol in the southern Bicol region of the main island Luzon. It is one of the few places in the world where you can get a guaranteed sighting during the peak season Feb-May. Known locally as Butanding they grow up to 18m,this area is more common between 4-12m. They are a ... read more
On an Angle
The length from the back
The massive jelly fish

Asia » Philippines » Donsol June 15th 2008

Mount Mayon was, without doubt, the most impressive sight we saw in the countless hours on the bus from Batangas to somewhere and now on to Legaspi. Dubbed "The world's most perfect volcano" Mayon's slope, which rises dramatically above the flat of Albay, is almost perfectly symmetrical. But Mayon is as dangerous as it is beautiful having claims hundreds of lives. The most recent eruption was in June 2001. Spotting Mayon told us that Legaspi was near but as soon as we arrived and saw big-city Legaspi, we hopped on a jeepney bound for Donsol. In Romblon, we had learnt of strange, unbelievably large creatures that visited Donsol regularly each year. They were Rhincodon typus and could grow to 12.65 meters (41.5 feet) in length and 7 meters (23 feet) in girth. For easier comparison, they ... read more
Staring down a Rhincodon typus
Comparison - Man vs Butanding
Mount Meyon

Asia » Philippines » Donsol May 10th 2008

I remember back in the days of American suburbia when the ice cream trucks would roll through the streets, the tinkling music wafting into every home that conjured images of dancing popsicles and twirling strawberry shortcake bars. Sitting inside watching TMNT (Turtle Power!), my head would twitch up and I could already feel the chocolate goodness covering my mouth and maybe a little shoved up into my nose. I run outside, chasing after that big ice cream truck, running alongside of it as far as I can with quarters jingling. Sometimes the truck stops, other times I feel like the driver must have his headphones on or must be stoned. I suppose those days are over for me. But that doesn't keep me from chasing after really big things, even if in a different medium. So ... read more
Photo 9
Photo 7

Asia » Philippines » Donsol May 8th 2008

Donsol claims to be the Whale Shark capital of the world and certainly lives up to its tag line! We left Manila on the 9pm airconditioned, reclining seats bus that is due to arrive in Legaspi @ 7am, then we climbed into a aircon minivan for the 1 and a half hour trip to Donsol. We arrived in this small fishing village pretty exhausted. the suggested place to stay was far too overpriced so we walked, fully loaded, for about half an hour and found a bamboo hut instead. Donsol is in the shadow of a live and perfectly cone shaped volcano complete with smoke emmitting from the crater. it is known to be one of the most active in the world. we had 5 small earthquakes while we were there but our bamboo hut stood ... read more

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