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Asia » Philippines » Donsol March 29th 2008

Another Filipino city didn't appeal to us, so upon arrival at Cebu we headed straight to the pier and caught the Supercat to Ormoc. Security on the Supercat was Supertight, with the checks you'd expect at an airport (Passport, Metal detector, bag scan, body frisk) followed by sniffer dog inspection, palm swabbing and photograph. The absence of retina scan and finger printing made the whole thing seem a bit lapse. A few more security checkpoints later and we were on the Ferry. After we realised all the paranoia was due to a bomb attack on a similar ferry in 2004. After an overnight stay in Ormoc we went to the bus station to enquire about buses north to Sorsogon. There was one leaving at noon, that would, according to the driver take 9hrs to reach Sorsogon. ... read more
Side View

Asia » Philippines » Donsol March 1st 2008

Hello Again! After the breathtaking, but chilly, experience in the rice terraces of Northern Luzon, we headed south of Manila to South Luzon (Bicol) to spend some time back on the beach in the sun for our last week in the Philippines. Well, the beach was there, but sun was elusive and the rain was enthusiastic! It's supposed to be the end of the rainy season here, but the presence of “La Nina” has flooded the region. (Isn't La Nina only supposed to happen once in a while, not in alternating years with El Nino? Could someone check with Al Gore on that one?) While the rains dampened our “holiday” it's nowhere near as bad as what it is doing to the local population. We traveled from Daet, to Naga, to Lagaspi, to Donsol, and back ... read more
Kels and the Volcano
Cagsawa Bell Tower
Cagsawa Ruins

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