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October 11th 2016
Published: June 13th 2018
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Okay..for the 2nd part of my Cebu Trip, here's the complete details of my close encounter with whale-sharks.

It was a dilemma between a day tour at Bohol or Whale-shark watching at Oslob for us on our 3rd day at Cebu. Of course we took in consideration the fact that most of my squads are not a swimmer. (Ahmmm..wait.. not sure about it maybe I'm just talking about my self?. Lol). But then again, due to limited time we decided to proceed to Oslob for a once in a lifetime experience. We have this joke about our trip that it was all about pushing yourselves to the limits.Push pa more! LoL( Did I got it right?)

It was a very early morning travel for us since the 1st bus trip to Oslob is 3:30 AM. We went to South Terminal via taxi. If I may add also our mode of transportation for the entire trip is always by taxi because of a very complicated jeepney route and color coding.

Our travel is almost 4 hours. Bus fare is worth 170.00, the trip is very comfortable because I was sleeping the whole time until we reached our destination. (haha).
Me and the ButandingMe and the ButandingMe and the Butanding

Finding nemo the photobomber

We went to Sunrise Resort which is very easy to locate as it is in the highway and the bus driver will just inform you if you reached the area.

Entrance fee for _____ (edit: after 2 years I'm finally finishing this article). So I totally forgot the price..As far as I remember the rate if you will just ride the boat is different if you will swim with whale sharks.

The boat ride will only take you not more than 10 minutes I guess to the whale shark area. But before that you will have to attend the briefing for the do's and don'ts during the close encounter.

It was fun and exciting...Okay for me who doesn't know how to swim I was faking the fun part at the beginning. I was barely surviving for the opportunity to have a good photo souvenir with butanding. But overall it was something that everyone should experience once you visited Cebu. I just hope that whale sharks are not traumatized or harmed because of the bulk numbers of tourist.

Thank You Cebu!

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