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January 28th 2013
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Finally we have said the magic words ’I do’ to each other on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world surrounded by our dear family and friends. Almost five years ago we met in cold Vilnius and decided to explore the world together, and one thing led to other and here we are! For the wedding it was difficult to decide on our destination so it would be fair for both sides as our families which are living on either side of the planet. The best solutions we could think of to have a wedding in between.

Already two years ago we searched on internet for the nicest beaches in the world as we wanted to have small beach wedding. We were choosing between Mauritius and Boracay but soon found that the easiest reachable way would be to get to Boracay. Without bigger considerations and with big optimism we booked an amazing resort (it looked awesome on the pictures) in Boracay and began to plan our wedding over Internet. We were a little unsure what we would get and what to expect as none of us has been to the Philippines or had friends who have been there. The Philippines are still quite untouched by tourism (except for Boracay which seems to be built for tourism) and it is what we loved about it. Compared Thailand, Indonesia or Malaysia it is just small amount of tourists are making to Philippines.

Whilst this type of location is not normally a place we would go to with so many tourists (thousands on the island) it was a fantastic spot for the wedding. This is because it is easily accessible, wide range of accommodation, activities, restaurants etc to suit all the guests’ needs and wants. Where we went for the honeymoon would also have been a great spot for the wedding except that it was very small, difficult to get to and very quite but more on that in our next blog.

The resort was called ‘Estacio Uno’ which we booked over a year ago and we were planning our small wedding already during our big Africa trip. At the same time we let everyone know about our upcoming wedding so all guests could plan their holidays, sorting leave etc. Month after months we added things to the ‘to do’ list and gradually our wedding came together and before we could realize it was the day before we were leaving for the Philippines. It was strange to make all the planning over the internet and leaving the responsibility in someone’s hands.

The reviews about Philippines and especially Boracay didn’t make it easier as like everywhere, you’ll get different point of views. So if you plan your wedding online so DON’T read all reviews after you have book everything as it will drive you crazy. Don’t watch the weather forecast few days in advance because it is no point to worry about it as it is impossible to change. It is important to put faith in the staff and they can easily change small things when you arrive to Estacio Uno. The best thing you can do is to get some photos to show them how you would like to have your ceremony, venue, reception etc… Our wedding theme was green/white and we had clear images what we wanted. We bought the wedding dress and suit in Melbourne as this planning you can’t leave to the last minutes (a little annoying carrying everywhere but on each flight (6 total) they are really generous and will help you to hand the dress/suit in a good spot.

All our guests have never been in Philippines and many of them said that this country has not been on their travel list. Some people choose to travel before the wedding around Asia, some of them were staying in Boracay for 2-3 weeks and some just came for the wedding but many of them want to go back to Boracay as they have had lifetime holiday. Indeed it was so much fun as everyone was in holiday mode and could relax. The whole week in Boracay has been like an awesome never ending party and it has been a great experience for everyone, not just for us.

The wedding was incredible and everything was planned like we imagine and wanted. Really big thanks to Estacio Uno Resort. They were super friendly and the support has been to a great help. In general the people have been so friendly and we had not hassle at all. Everyone understand the word ‘no’ and take everything with a smile on their face. Sometimes they try to get extra cash from the tourist but they are giving incredible service and not expecting money for nothing.

We had really tasty and nice food on our wedding but in general the food is nothing special except for the sea food which is always fresh and fantastic. You have to watch out what you eat as the food isn’t always fresh or right cooked.

Boracay is quite a touristic spot and if you want avoid the crowds so stay in station 1 which is more exclusive but worth to pay extra for a quite environment and quality accommodation. The crystal blue sea is just fabulous and beach paradise if you enjoy nice beaches. It isn’t a wonder that it has been voted like one of the nicest beaches in the world.

As mentioned before you can find everything on the Island from up-market restaurants to plenty of supermarkets to survive on a budget.

Photographers (Jeb Jingco of Bunny Jingco) were fantastic and they also came with Hair and Make-up crew (Boracay Bellsnblooms) which we sorted over the internet.

Wedding cake we ordered before hand from the local bakery (Lemon Café) and all we needed was to send a picture over the internet and pay when we arrived. They also delivered.

It is also possible to BYO to the wedding which will save you quite a lot. Everything is found in ‘D MALL’ including the cake, photographers, supermarkets, banks, money exchange, souvenirs shops, clothing etc which is pretty much right in the middle of the Island. You will pass through for sure at some point.

Everything else for the wedding was sorted by the Resort in one of the packages available. Made it very easy so organize this way 😊

Now we are off to our honeymoon – El Nido! 😊

Manila to Boracay flight info: (had this for the wedding guests so could help some future travelers)

Manila Airports: (depends on which airlines you take to Manila to where you land)

Clark – 2-3 hours North from Manila CBD

Manila/NANI – International airport, 20-30 minutes from Manila CBD

Boracay Aiports or close:

Kalibo – 1.5-2 hours to Boracay island including ferry.

Boracay/Caticlan – Not on the island but 10 minutes by ferry. Smaller airport with small planes but very close.


Airasia: Clark to Kalibo

Tigerairways: Clark to Kalibo; Manila to Kalibo

Airphil Express: Clark to Kalibo; Clark to Boracay; Manila to Boracay; Manila to Kalibo

CEBU Pacific: Manila to Kalibo; Manila to Boracay

Philippine Air: Manila to Boracay; Manila to Kalibo

Zest Air: Manila to Kalibo

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28th January 2013

Congratulations !
Beautiful wedding. Wishing you health, happiness and many more travels and other adventures in your life together. Peace & love, Michelle
28th January 2013

beautiful!...congratulations to you and I hope you enjoy your Philippines trip. x
28th January 2013

What a wonderful place to get married! Here's wishing you both many, many years of wedded bliss and happy travels together :)
28th January 2013

What a beautiful wedding, beautiful bride, beautiful blog, wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together :)
28th January 2013

Congratulations on your nuptials!
I'm always delighted to see a TB couple who I have been Following, and gotten to know vitually, tie the knot...being the romantic that I am. Great location, by the way!
28th January 2013

Here's to many wonderful, happy years together.
28th January 2013

Have a great honeymoon!
28th January 2013

i love this photo. congrats on your wedding and thank you for choosing the Philippines
29th January 2013

Big Congrats!!!
looks like your wedding was just perfect so we wish you even more perfect life together full of happiness and travels...of course:-) Beata & Tomek
29th January 2013

We saw you! Dale, mum & dad were walking down the beach on your wedding day! I (sophie) only saw the photos they'd taken but it looked amazing and you both looked fabulous. So lucky with the weather! Have a fabulous honeymoon.. We'll look forward to hearing about it. Congratulations to you both. Xx
30th January 2013

Happy travelling, and now happy wedding...
It\'s really great to know that all you planned for the wedding all ended well. Our next stop is the Philippines and we\'re excited to go to check out Boracay and include that on the list of the places we\'ll go. :) Congratulations and we\'re happy for both of you!

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