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Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Taal January 23rd 2013

This blog will be out of sequence. "Here I sit lonely hearted . . . . . ." to coin a childhood poem. 7,000 km from anyone I know with 6 people who can hardly string a complete sentence together in English between them. (all but one have disappeared on their daily routines anyway). There's no (reliable) internet, 1 viewable TV channel and that's in TAGALOG, it's raining so I can't go outside and one of the dogs has just walked into the bedroom and pissed on my sandals. This "holiday" has hit a new low point. Might go and pay that penny now . . . . . . Later in the day, I went to Sonya's Secret Pleasures at Sonya's Garden and had a Hot Stone Massage. . . . They heat some largeish ... read more
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Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Taal January 7th 2013

Taal - the great Filipino Con Job. - Jan 7 Given we're staying on the side of Taal's original volcano - I figured we should probably get a closer look at this icon so we loaded the car (Nissan Urvan) to capacity again and headed off, up over the edge of the caldera and down to the lake. All of the kids were still knackered from the Pinatubo trek, so we were to book only a single boat to the inner volcano. When Arthur mentioned that there was the option to ride a horse to the summit and back, suddenly ALL the kids got fired up and wanted to come along. So we hired TWO boats and half a dozen horses for the trip - the blokes decided to do the trek on foot. The CON ... read more
Look left
The climb
looking back

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Taal December 31st 2012

It seems bloggiong is going to be more difficult this tiome than last. Not a lot of Internet cafes where we are and the bloody ASUS tablet is hopeless running on 3G up here... read more

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Taal December 29th 2012

Not much to say at this stage as we haven't really done that much. ;;'re staying in Apiad near Tagaytay City.My turn to cook last night so I did the old garlic honey ansd soy marinade for chicken wings and then played with some of the local produce. Made a salad of julienned green mango and white radish with rice vermicilli and a dressing of bagoong paste cocnut vinegar and kalamansi juice.... read more

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Taal May 25th 2012

Taal Lake was once just an arm of Balayan Bay. However, after a series of major eruptions in the 18th century, Taal Lake's sole connection to the sea narrowed down into its sole draining river, the Pansipit River. Several centuries of precipitation have diluted the lake's once saline watersinto freshwater. Eruptions has also buried numerous lakeside towns by volcanic ash and submerged by rising lake waters. Lipa, Taal, Sala, Bauan and Tanauan were formerly located along Taal Lake. Presently, only three towns are on the lake's shore. Remnants of the old lakeside towns like buildings and walls are reported to be seen under the lake's waters.... read more
Taal Volcano

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Taal October 11th 2011

The Filipino men dress up in Barong Tagalog especially for formal occasions. The translucent fabric used is either Jusi which is our local silk equivalent or pina cloth from handloomed pineapple leaf fibers. It has a front opening with some embroidery, and was originally colourless. Of late, modern barong tagalogs come in different hues. As worn, the barong tagalog is never tucked into one's pants. It is a light dress shirt typically worn to weddings, funerals and other formal affairs. A slightly less formal Filipino attire is the Polo Barong which is usually short-sleeved and made of cotton, linen or ramie materials. Many offices in the Philippines have prescribed the Polo Barong as uniforms for its male employees. The barong tagalog preceded the advent of Spanish colonization. Tagalog is actually a dialect from a reg... read more
Terno As Worn By Imelda Marcos
National Costume: Baro't Saya (For Women)
My Maternal Grandmother

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Taal September 17th 2011

There is the heritage town of Vigan in Ilocos Sur. And there's the heirloom houses in Silay City in Negros Occidental. Both are an hour's away from Manila. By plane. Yet just 2 hours drive south from Manila lies this heritage town of Taal, Batangas. A colonial town "frozen in time", an open museum providing a glimpse not just of how it was back in the 19th century, but of how many of our patriots lived during the Spanish occupation and through the Revolution. Declared a heritage village by the National Historical Institute, a walking tour of Taal, Batangas is certainly worth a day trip. A Pilgrimage? Having started with visits of the Taal Basilica (St. Martin de Tours Basilica), the Caysasay Shrine and the Sacred Well of Santa Lucia, this trip may well be a ... read more
The White House
Villavicencio House
A Sitting Room in the 1800's

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Taal May 16th 2011

Last night, Stephen and I moved to my Uncle Ferdie's home for the next week. His home is just 15 minutes from my aunt's house in Ayala Alabang. This morning, Stephen and I woke up early to take our daily walk around his neighborhood. After our morning breakfast made by their staff, my family and I headed to Batangas, a region of the Philippines where the world's smallest volcano resides. Taal volcano is a living "active" volcano that is located in the resort town of Tagaytay. We had lunch at Josephine's Restaurant and ate so much yummy authentic Filipino dishes. After lunch, we drove to Monte Maria where Father Suraez is currently builing a shrine for Mother Mary. Fr. Suarez is a Filipino Catholic priest who has performed faith healing in the Philippines and all over ... read more
Taal Volcano
Taal Volcano
Stelson in Tagaytay

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Taal June 22nd 2010

Filippijnen Vanaf Aquino International Airport ontmoeten we onze gastheer voor de komende dagen, ome Leo Merkx (mam’s broer). Na een,wat lijkt, dodemansrit door de drukke straten van Manila in de avond bereiken we San Roque Beach Resort in Buco Talisay waar tante Lita ons opwacht met een lekker koud biertje. De volgende ochtend blijkt pas in welk een prachtige omgeving we terecht zijn gekomen. Het Taal (spreek uit Ta~al) meer met daarin het eiland met de Taal Vulcano. Er zijn er eigenlijk een stuk of 36 bij elkaar maar er is er maar 1 echt zichtbaar!) ’s Morgens gaan we het meer zo’n 600 meter hoger bekijken en dat is een spectaculair uitzicht. ’s Middags neemt Dong Hot, een zoon van Lita, ons met zijn rondvaartboot (nou ja…) mee om rondom het eiland te varen. De ... read more
Op het Taal meer
het Taal meer

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Taal December 21st 2009

Alain a French dude staying in the same dorm as I am got up early and woke me up around past 7am, he did not get enough sleep and was feeling icky because the a/c was bothering him, I had a bit of a sore throat and I blame the a/c as well. Regardless we want to make this a great day so we got ready to leave. It was a bit overcast but not raining, we hope the weather in Taal holds. We took a cab to Jam transit line at Gil Puyat St., traffic was already starting to get bad, at the station we quickly found a bus that goes to Tanauan, we hopped on then I decided to find food, I got 2 siopao for breakfast, I got confused and went a different ... read more
crater lake
trail to top
Taal lake

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