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January 23rd 2013
Published: January 23rd 2013
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Birthday View #1Birthday View #1Birthday View #1

This was the view i had for most of the day
This blog will be out of sequence.

"Here I sit lonely hearted . . . . . ." to coin a childhood poem.

7,000 km from anyone I know with 6 people who can hardly string a complete sentence together in English between them. (all but one have disappeared on their daily routines anyway).

There's no (reliable) internet,
1 viewable TV channel and that's in TAGALOG,
it's raining so I can't go outside
and one of the dogs has just walked into the bedroom and pissed on my sandals.

This "holiday" has hit a new low point. Might go and pay that penny now . . . . . .

Later in the day, I went to Sonya's Secret Pleasures at Sonya's Garden and had a Hot Stone Massage. . . . They heat some largeish river pebbles in a rice cooker, dip them in masssage oil and run them all over your body.

The stone are highly polished and very smooth - not to mention quite hot. At one stage I felt something smooth and hot slide up the leg of my shorts . . . . . this surprised
View #2View #2View #2

. . . then there was this
me a little because the guy massaging me had both hands on my shoulders . . . . . 8-O

(only joking Joyce)


23rd January 2013

Happy birthday
We are following your adventures avidly. Stay happy!
23rd January 2013

Poor John
FWIW, we're thinking of you and hoping some ray of sunshine comes out to make your day brighter. Hugs etc xxx
23rd January 2013

Awwww. Poor didums. Happy birthday. At your age you shouldn't really be still counting should you?
23rd January 2013

Happy birthday look at it as another adventure I love adventures Good and bad just enjoy your life and we will celebrate together
23rd January 2013

Happy Birthday, John
It's not all bad. Look on the bright side. You made the dog's day.

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