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Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Karimabad August 10th 2018

We’d planned to be up early to catch a minibus to Karimabad, being a 3 hour journey we really didn’t fancy suffering it in the heat. It was another hot night, we’d tried to keep our room as cool as we could by using our sarongs as curtains during the day, that helped but the air temperature just wasn’t in our favour. Cursing both the lack of a fan and our reluctance to face the hassle in the heat of finding somewhere else to stay and moving, we started from the outset with the bedding dragged off on the floor under the window. We tossed and turned and then at 3:45am there was a big cracking roll of thunder. Marie at first thought it was a landslide as nothing followed for 10 minutes, but then it ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Karimabad September 17th 2014

From Attabad lake we rode south to the high tourist resort of Karimabad. Stayed in 'Hill top hotel' at a reduced rate 1500rb approx 15$, always get a recommendation, for a discount. This is a town of two forts where the Hunza royalty have lived through the ages, both are now just tourist destinations. HRH from UK is due to land here in 2017 to judge their performance as world heritage sites, nothing so grand for us. Having cup of local 'Milky tea' with the guide Mohammed & his family was something different.... read more
path to fort
Alto fort commanded Hunza valley.
Green lines on hillside

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Karimabad November 28th 2009

For more of my photos, or to buy my book, please visit “My father is an ibex hunter. Tonight we will eat ibex”. “But I am vegetarian. I don’t eat meat”. “It is all we have. We are preparing it for you”. “OK”. Am I really going to break ten years of vegetarianism to eat an endangered animal? But I am not going to say no to this family who has so kindly invited me into their simple mud and brick house for the night. We sit around the central wood fire in their home as mother and daughter press chapattis and spend several hours preparing the meal. The warmth is a pleasant change from the freezing 4$ hotel rooms I have been sleeping in. The women remove cups of chai for me from ... read more
The girl who invited me into her family home
Altit Village, where I spent a night with a family
Pakistani War Veteran

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Karimabad August 2nd 2008

After almost 15 days in Pakistan I realiza that the country is really beautiful but the sun hit so much that for me is almost impossible to walk around during the afternoon. The landskape on the KKH is reali breathless and is also nice for me to see a different culture after 6 months in hynduism country.... read more
Old town Lahore

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Karimabad October 25th 2007

Stop what your doing, ignore everything youve heard about pakistan, buy trekking in the hindukush and karakorum and book your ticket to pakistan!!!!!!! Lahore may have been polluted but after 29 hours of travelling covering 980km we,ve arrived in karimabad on the karakorum highway and its absolutely mind blowing.from our 2pound anight room we can sit on our doorstep looking at a valley full of autumnal colour with a backdrop of 6000 and 7000m snowy mountains whilst lazing in the sun (i could stay here for months !!!!!!). Unfortunately when we got here we realised we,d underestimated how much money we would need for going to china so yesterday we had to go 2hours back down the valley to an ATM doh! everyone here is amazingly friendly and helpfull,and they all want to talk to you! ... read more
view from the room
karimabad fort
paul followin water channel to ultar meadow

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Karimabad September 27th 2007

A Gilgit si sta bene: non fa troppo freddo, i numerosi negozi mi consentono l'acquisto di buone scarpe e caldi indumenti per il freddo che verra', si trova tutto il cibo necessario ed una buona guest-house offre un sicuro riparo per la notte. La citta' si raggiunge da Mastuj superando lo Shandur pass, che a 3810 metri d'altezza ospita il campo da polo piu' alto al mondo, e che vede una volta all'anno lo scontro tra le squadre di Chitral e quella di Gilgit: migliaia di appassionati e non raggiungono il passo, a bordo di jeep stracariche oppure a cavallo, si accampano e si godono la festa; come da tradizione i supporters di Gilgit portano fin quassu' la famosa "acqua di Hunza", una grappa ricavata dalle albicocche, mentre i chitraliani portano con se la buona charas ... read more
L'autobus per Gilgit
Il fiume Gilgit che scorre giu' dallo Shandur pass
Il ghiacciaio dell'Ultar sovrasta Karimabad

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Karimabad September 10th 2007

Hello, Everyone! It feels like a lifetime since our last update. The quick version of our last month is that we've been in Pakistan since September 4th... we traveled in over the Kunjerab Pass and we’ve been making our way south and east. We spent time in 1) the Hunza Valley with Ismali Muslims, 2) the Gilgit area with military personnel and a bunch of bearded men, 3) in Baltistan, home of big mountains, the place to be for big-time climbing expeditions, and some of the most interesting experiences we’ve had since we got to Pakistan, and finally 4) in Islamabad as the 'landslide' elections took place. We'll split our time into a few entries to make the blog easier to read, so be sure to look for additional journal entries (I will only send one ... read more
Hitchhiking on the KKH
Welcome to Pakistan
Passu Glacier

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Karimabad October 28th 2006

Most of our dreams of Pakistan had involved finally getting up north to the giants of the Karakorum Range. Here the mighty Indus rushes out of the Himalaya and Pakistan has 3 different huge mountain ranges meeting; the Karakorum, Hindu Kush and Himalaya. It really is one of the highest places on earth and many of the world’s largest glaciers adorn the peaks. Jolt, crash shudder…this was how I awoke to see my first glimpse of Pakistan’s Northern Areas, this was not really part of my dream. We were on a coach and the fact that I had been asleep at all was a miracle, Robin was not so fortunate and had been conscious of the entire 26 hour journey from Lahore to Gilgit. The coach was old and not the VIP service, this meant we ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Karimabad October 1st 2006

Hello All! I have a lot to catch you up on! It is really October 10th and I am back in Kisumu, having arrived last night from my Dubai and Pakistan travels. Today I am weary! I have even had a nap! My head and heart are full and my pockets are a little emptier. Yes I enjoyed some market and souk therapy while both in Pakistan and Dubai. My favorite new toy is a combination phone, camera and walkman. My goal was to replace my Ipod which died on me a month or so ago! And for just a little bit more in the Dubai souk who could resist the latest combination gadget from Sony!!!! I guess you can't take the love of gadgets out of the girl!!!! I also have brought some amazing treasures ... read more
Moladad and PDCN
The  Road
Curious Students

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Karimabad September 14th 2006

Monday September 11th Aaron and I were planning to leave for Karimabad, in Hunza valley while Jason was planning to chill in Gulmit for another day. We set up a meeting point for tomorrow in Karimabad and said goodbye after breafast. Jason was moving in a room with some polish climber who told us crazy story about their attempt to climb a 5900m, but highly techincal mountain and having to sleep for 2 nights at 5600m without tents or sleeping bags. Though guys. They never reached the summit. Aaron and I headed to the street to catch a minibus or hitchhike, whichever was faster. In the end it was the minibus. The ride was short (an hour and a half) and painless. We were dropped at the intersection on the Karakoram Highway close to Karimabad along ... read more
Lady Finger
View from my hotel before sunset
Baltit Fort top

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