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Asia » Pakistan » Azad Kashmir » Muzaffarabad September 13th 2012

Pir chinasi (a beautiful mountain) is located in Azad Kashmir near Muzaffarabad city at an altitude of 3110 m. It is about 30 Km from Muzaffarabad and is famous for its beauty and tomb of Hazrat Shah Hussain Bukhari (aka Pir chinasi). I began my travel from Lahore on Saturday 14th of July. My plan was to reach Rawalpindi by evening and to Muzaffarabad by night. From Lahore I took skyways which drop you to Faizabad (a famous bus station in Rawalpindi) a hub to travel any city in Pakistan. When I reached Rawalpindi a light drizzle welcomed me and this was the indication how the trip will went on (bad luck all the way). I struggled to get a place in AC coaster which was about to leave for Muzaffarabad (due to tourist season in ... read more
Fairy in Pir Chinasi
Our bus

Asia » Pakistan » Azad Kashmir May 20th 2008

Hi everyone,. It’s been a veryy long since I’ve updated this blog last. Sorry for that… I’ll try to be better with it in the future! Currently I’m on the plane from Islamabad to Bangkok. From where I’ll continue on to Sydney and Adelaide (will be home between 21st and 29th of May) and trying to somehow put a blog together… Some of the text has been written almost a month ago, but never posted because I wanted to add more things… and then we got so busy with all the challenges which we’ve encountered lately, that I just couldn’t concentrate on writing anything. The photos are from my last visit to Neelum in April and last Sunday’s visit to the lake which has been created by the earthquake (A landslide blocked river and in about ... read more
one more pic of the "great" road
Main street in Kel
On the way to Gurez

Asia » Pakistan » Azad Kashmir » Neelum Valley April 8th 2008

Hi everyone, Hope all of you’re doing well. This time, it’s just a short update and some pictures. I’ve managed to catch a flue and currently am spending my time in bed in Muzaffarabad - feeling miserable and bored out of my mind… I hate being sick! :-) Few days ago I came “back to civilization” after spending 10 days up in the valley. In a small town called Kel, which is in about 2200m above sea level (we’ve got our second office up there because our work is done in surrounding villages). And where time seems to have stopped a while ago… It is a beautiful place with its snow capped mountain peaks, the river, stone houses, beautiful pure nature… But in the same time it is harsh living up there... The fields are still ... read more
Local bridge
Sunny morning in Kel
View from the balcony

Asia » Pakistan » Azad Kashmir » Muzaffarabad March 22nd 2008

Hi everyone, it’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve arrived to Kashmir. And the longer I’m here, the more I like it… The country, the people, the culture, the food, the challenge, the whole experience… My Achievements by now: * Learning to eat with my hand without getting souses to run down all the way to my elbow * Remembering to switch on the Hot water Gazer before I go to sleep (this one was easy, I've learned through the pain of having a cold shower for few morning in a row) * To talk with my hands and body when trying to explain things (Though here I’m finding a lot of people who do speak very good English) * Have learned few words in Urdu (though my try to say “how are you?”, still receives ... read more
At one of the entrance Arches
Me in Red Fort - Muzaffarabad
Me and Nahida

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