Everest Base Camp Trek Diaries - Day 6

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February 7th 2010
Published: August 9th 2017
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Geo: 28.1011, 85.3748

I was warm thorughout the night, but when it came to going to the toilet, it was a mission.
The toilet was in the other building about 15m from where my room was. I had to go through about 5 doors, three in the first building, walk outside and then through another 2 doors. It's a bother, especially if you can't hold it in.
I was up at about 5:30 but lay in bed for 2 hours before having an "illegal" breakfast.
At the accommodation, signs are posted saying that if you bring food in or eat other food at the guesthouse then they will charge you 2000rs. It started in Namche at 700rs then up to 1000rs in Tengbouche and now 2000rs in Dingbouche. So the prices increases the higher you get. I know it's helping the local community, but I'm limited on money and even saving 200rs makes a difference. Plus i had bread and Peanut butter to use up. Food is the most expensive thing on the trek and pretty much the only thing i spend money on. But i had to be careful about the mess of the crumbs and make sure i kept the rubbish with me otherwise they would know. So i had to pretend to Krishna that i wasn't hungry for breakfast, not that he would care anyway.
Once again it was another beautiful morning high up in the mountains, Ama Dablam still being the most dominant mountain but accompanied by many other mountains in every other direction.
At about 9am the group of fifteen left for Lobouche which was great because it made the place nice and quiet.
With the sun blaring into the resaurant, i propped my back against the window and took in the warmth before Krishna, Dustin and Myself headed out for a side trek to Chhukung which was through the East valley following the river. It was great because just before we set off, Krishna and myself were waiting for Dustin and we were having fun, joking around over stuff, Girls. Haha, such a great person.
We walked through the village where again most place are close due to the low season. We followed the icey path out from the village and started with quite a fast pace. After about an hour, Dustin was feeling the strain so he headed back and therefore Krishna had to go back with him, seeing as he was Duston's guide and not mine. But i felt fine to continue. The path to Chhukung is not as prominent as the main trail to Everest base camp. Sometimes it's difficult to find the path and therefore your direction. Parts of the path are frozen with ice and you have to use the stepping stones that are high enough to escape the ice.
The views are still magnificant. I don't think this amazing feeling will wear off, each new mountain is another grand sight to appreciate. After about 40min i climbed one last small hill, but it knocked me for six almost. I had sat down to rest ans as i stood up i felt an immediate sense of neusea and i was only 200m from Chhukung. But that wasn't my priority. Once i felt neusus i immediately headed back, fearing that something bad might happen and being alone.
I pretty much ran half the way back, dodging rocks and ice and i finally made it back to Dingbouche with a minor headache but nothing too serious. I had missed the trail back through the village so i ended up jumping rock fences of peoples houses until i finally rejoined the trail.
I headed straight to th restaurant and ordered garlic soup. The otheres were there as well as Jasper from Tengbouche.
We spent most of the afternoon chatting and reading. Once i had my garlic soup i went into my room and had an "illegal" lunch of tuna sandwiches. Chelsey had given me her left over veg noodles, so i was pretty hungry.
A british couple, from the group of fifteen, had come back down as they were both feeling in bad shape. Also an Australian family came down after completing Kala Pathar. The amazing thing was there were two girls, aged 7 and 10. I thought it was amazing to hear that they had made it all the way to 5500 M.A.S.L but wasn't convinced it was a good idea for someone that young to be trekking in these conditions.
Dustin and Myself whipped out the cards and we all ordered some dinner. We breifly saw the sunrise against the mountains which was a great sight but lasted only about 15min. I had ordered the Dal Baht which is a local Nepalise Dish with Rice, Lentils and Curry with Vegetables. The good thing about this dish is you get a second helping which i had consumed in no time. I feel like I'm eating more that i usually do.
Dustin and Myself played quite a few games of "French Snap" which a french girl in Newcastle taught me, and Cribbage in which i had won all games throughout the night, but for Dustin's benifit, both games of Cribbage were close.

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