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July 13th 2008
Published: July 18th 2008
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Just a note for those of you leaving comments... I have to accept them before they appear on the page and this computer takes 10 years to do that so I'm waiting until I get back to Kathmandu to accept all the comments. But I still am reading them so keep 'em coming! 😊
Second day in Lamatar... We woke up bright and early and went for a hike up the mountain behind us. The goal was to get a nice view of the whole valley but it was foggy and partway up it started pouring! We went basically straight up the mountain and then across part of the top and then down again. Going up we went slow, but it was good because of the elevation. At the top we had a break for noodles because breakfast had only been tea and a small piece of bread. The noodles were spicy and delicious! Maybe just because we were really hungry, but they were perfect! I think that was the first time I've been hungry on this trip!
Hiking in the fog was interesting. When you stop and just look out into the fog it seems like everything is getting further and further away. None of us had ever experienced that from fog before but since we were all seeing it I'm pretty sure we weren't just going crazy...but you never know I guess.
We also had our first experience with Nepalese leeches! They're tiny so they're hard to see when they're on you. We avoided getting bitten for the most part but a couple of us got 1-2 bites. The bites don't hurt or itch or anything so it's not really a big deal to get bitten, it just bleeds for a while because they inject you with anti-coagullants (however you spell that).
We got a good taste of what our trek is going to be like: straight uphill in the pouring rain with tons of leeches! But once you're wet it doesn't even matter if it's raining and it's actually really nice because then it's not as ridiculously hot! So I don't mind the rain.
Then in the afternoon back to Thamel (Kathmandu) for a last night at the Yeti Guesthome before Chitwan!


18th July 2008

Dang you sound like your having way fun. Your not missing anything here in AK. I dont think we've seen sun at all this summer and it's either raining (and freezing) or cloudy and still cold. I went to fairbanks over the 4th weekend and that's the most sun i've seen all summer lol. I think my vitamin D is getting low so at least your getting all of your. I love hearing all your doing so keep posting.. when you can lol.
19th July 2008

I dont know if this shows which comment I'm responding to or if it just adds itself to the list...but this is in response to tosh... cold and rain? well we definitely have the rain here! and I wouldn't mind some of the cold! Fairbanks for 4th of July sounds fun! I'll try to send some sun your way...

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