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July 14th 2008
Published: July 18th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Early this morning we got on a bus going towards Chitwan National Park. It was a tourist bus, so that supposedly means it's safer. After about 2 hours we got off to go rafting! We went rafting for 2 hours on class 3/4 rapids on Nepal's longest river. It was a lot of fun! The bigger rapids were fun and inbetween them there were some calm sections so we got to enjoy the view and go swimming. The mountains are amazing! They're shorter and steeper than Alaskan mountains but they're really green and we were right in them. So it was a very nice setting for rafting. During one of the calm parts Kenny and I did simultaneous back flips off the side of the raft into the river. It was pretty epic! We even got it on video!
After rafting we had lunch and then the plan was to go wait on the side of the road and get on the first bus going to Chitwan. Well, when you're trying to get on a bus partway through the journey, the bus is already going to be full! So 2 hours later we were still sitting on the side of the road. We finally found a bus that had some roof space available to ride on. Most of our group rode up top but a few of us rode inside. Since I'm 17 I can only do things that a responsible parent would let me do. So yes mom, you can stop holding your breath, I rode inside. We felt really bad though because some of the men gave us their seats and they wouldn't take no for an answer. Some of them wanted to talk to us to practice their english and to meet some foreigners so they rotated seats so that they got a chance. I was sitting in the back row with literally 6 inches of leg room so that was an experience. Every time we went over a bump the guy's seat in front of me would lean forward and then slam back against my knees because I was pretty much holding up his seat. So I have some bruises now to show for it. But hey, as long as we make it to our destination the rest is all fine!
The Chitwan lodge is very nice! It is in Sauraha in the Chitwan province right next to the National Park. We actually have a shower in a tub! Normally it's just a shower head in with the toilet! And flushing toilets! No hooks for mosquito nets, but I was able to rig mine up from the curtain so it should work pretty well and then we are using the leftover string as a clothesline since I'm stupid and forgot my clothesline in Kathmandu. Chitwan is probably the part that I'm most excited for so the next couple days should be good!


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