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Asia » Nepal » Tadapani March 16th 2015

“I’m gunna free fall, out into nothing. I’m gunna leave this world for a while. Now I’m free...” - Tom Petty, "Free Fallin'" Life has its ups and its downs. Occasionally we lose track of that when we are feeling particularly beat up or particularly golden, but with as much certainty as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, we may also be certain that fortunes will swing to and fro in due time. This ideology does presuppose the thought that outcomes are not always a summation of their cognizant inputs. There is, after all, a factor known as Fate, which is decidedly independent from us and our plans or desires. From about age 18 to 25, I didn't believe this at all. I was taking life by the nape of its ... read more
Road to Last Resort
Last Resort Tent

Asia » Nepal » Tadapani May 11th 2014

TREKKING DAY 4 Tadapani to Ghandruk 1,950m May 11, 2014 Yes! Today I slept in. Well, actually I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. last night because there was no electricity. I awoke at 1:30 and read and did Sudoku for an hour or so and then was able to go back to sleep. I asked for a cheese omelet for breakfast, with potatoes. There were probably five pounds of potatoes on the plate when it came. It must have been a separate entrée. Too much, even sharing with Ashok. I struck up a conversation with the Spanish couple at my table, and the guide had to pull me away. We started downhill at a good clip. I can do downhill. Lots of people came up behind and I let them pass. The forest was beautiful ... read more
Beautiful yard
Love that color, and the dramatic view out the window
More Nepalese color

Asia » Nepal » Tadapani June 27th 2013

Today was a very long of hiking. We woke up at 4am in Ghorepani and we were supposed to hike up to Poon Hill to see the sunrise. Rather, that is more the itinerary for trips not in June, July or August. During these monsoon months, it's fairly unlikely that you will get a view from the top, so sunrise is not so much the priority as waiting for the rain to cease and the clouds to go away are. So at 4am there was a torrential downpour of a kind I've never seen or heard before, so we delayed our start a bit later. In fact this heavy rain had been going on since 4pm yesterday. I always figured it just couldn't rain this hard forever, and there can't possibly be that much rain in ... read more
The Final Ascent Starts Now
On the Trail Up to the Poon Hill Summit
Approaching the Top

Asia » Nepal » Tadapani December 8th 2008

October 31, 2008 Friday 7:00 a.m. Day 11 Last night was the last night of festival. Bruce and I had 2 glasses of Raksi - local millet wine - and got sleepy, so we went to bed too early for Bruce who woke during the evening. I think Dilman and Dharma and Durga were partying because no one is around waiting on us yet. Today is supposed to be an easy uphill walk through deep forest. Originally noted as somewhat of a rest day. Bruce says his knees feel fine. This is our first day trekking without Jane and Dave, and the last day of October. Somehow having November finally here puts the end in sight. Wondering about home: election, kids, Philadelphia stuff in general. 12:30 p.m. Tadapani (Far Water) Day 11 It is a four ... read more
Tadapani with Tibetan Sovenir Stands

Asia » Nepal » Tadapani March 30th 2008

Day 4 - Ghandruk to Tadapani (2,590m) We set of from our Tea House for a much shorter trek this morning heading for Tadapani. This trekking was very different from the previous day as we entered lush sub-tropical forests of mainly rhodedendrons dripping with moss and ferns. Having spent many a day hacking down and burning the smaller, invasive varieties that are taking over our British countryside it was nice to see them growing where they are meant to be! There were loads in blossom in a deep pinking red colour. We also saw tiny mauve primula, mahonia, ferns and mosses and daphne growing beneath the canopy of trees. Daphne used by the mountain people for either making paper or for use as rope. The outside of the stems are peeled back then the inside peeled ... read more
Breakfast with a view
Mountains from our tea house
Group photo

Asia » Nepal » Tadapani May 4th 2007

Okay, let’s get this outta the way - Poon Hill was a big disappointment. Cloudy. ‘Nuf said. Back on the trail after Manthos ate my cooling breakfast to ensure I was presented with a warmer one after arriving a little late from my room (he’s like that), the cloud cleared and afforded a couple of Kodak moments before we plunged into Rhododendron Jungle, although here at the tail end of the bloom it was more acne than small pox spotted, but picturesque nonetheless. Trail ducked into some Washington state-like rainforested valleys with steamy clouds creeping through the canopy and the unrealized threat of alleged leaping leeches. We’ve emerged at Tadapani, probably the least civilized stop, lacking light bulbs or showers, which at least excuses a day off from my exercises, but instead featured a menagerie of ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Tadapani September 24th 2006

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood yet we didn't get to see the sunrise. Instead I learned how to create my own version of a sleeping bag. I couldn't sleep as I didn't have a blanket so I took a sheet and wrapped it around my body and then zipped my arms up inside my jacket and put my hands in my armpits. This morning I came to learn they would have given me a blanket. But an experience is an experience and after doing that I slept fine so I'm not worrying. I've learned a bunch of things while travelling. One of the most important things is to listen to your body - go at your own pace not that of others, your body will teach you when ... read more

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