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Asia » Nepal » Pokhara » Sarangkot May 23rd 2010

Do you have chocolates?" "Where are you from?" It must have been a non-school day as many kids greeted me along the "trail" while trekking Sarangkot's hillside. Pressed for time due to delays caused by the bandh or strike on my way to Pokhara, I opted to just take a day trek after watching the sun kiss Annapurna. The trail is actually the road that cuts through about five villages. Quaint houses made of mud and bricks, corn fields, milk cans, goats and occasional water buffaloes dot the path. Overlooking Pokhara and Fewa Lake with clear view of the Himalayas, the villages lie at an altitude of 1,592 meters above sea level. The villagers are economically and socially underprivileged, with 90% living below poverty line (Quality of Life Nepal, 2009). Among the things I learned from ... read more
kids on a crusade
stranded in the heat

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara » Sarangkot January 22nd 2009

Hello people! Good to be back in civilization after the trek - although a bit odd to begin with! Hoping I can write a bit about the trek day by day and not bore anyone to death. The pictures are clearly going to be far more useful than my 'mountain descriptions'... Note: I have only written till the Thorung Pass day as it's the most important and I'm lazy. Will finish up in a week or so! Day 1 - Besi Sahar 820m to Ghermu Phant 1170m Left BS at 8am which may've been quite painful if we hadn't gone to bed at 7 the night before (rock on!). Was generally just pleased not to be ill after eating a vegetarian momo which turned out to have a fairly ample sized bone in it. The 3 ... read more
The Target
Annapurna I
Waterfalls & Barry

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