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Asia » Nepal » Pokhara » Sarangkot May 7th 2014

After a day of delayed gratification and an evening of enlightenment; I arrived at Pokhara under cover of darkness. In the hard-scrabble field/ bus station. There was little to see but dust under Nepal's dim, fluorescent lighting. So I grabbed the first taxi driver that was willing to take me for $4. I'm staying at the KC Hotel in Damside. The 'other' side of the the tracks. $6 a night gets you a huge 3-person room with a bathtub nearly as decrepit as Tom Denson's was in Ocean City, Md. Big double-bed and a single to put my suitcase on. Desk, wardrobe and lots of outlets. Breakfast included. Large terrace overlooking a placid lake. The water's edge is so close to the hotel that I might be able to see myself in its mirrored surface if ... read more
My $6 Room
The Annapurnas
Annapuna III

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara » Sarangkot October 17th 2013

Paragliding is a must-do in Pokhara! Just like many people, I was never keen on the idea of jumping off mountains, but I decided to give a try since the weather was beautiful. I was kind of concerned at the beginning, but it happened within no time and I was quite comfortable and relaxed once I was up in the air. All I did is just a tandem jump with my instructor, Ram, who made the rest of it pretty easy for me.... read more
Getting Ready
Phewa Lake
Phewa Lake

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara » Sarangkot June 24th 2013

Today we woke up early and checked out of our hotel in Kathmandu to do a trek through the Himalaya mountains. Our guide for the trip, Dave, met us at the hotel and took us to the airport. After waiting in the airport for over an hour for the flight we got on this great little plane run by Simrek Airlines. It holds about 20 people and flew us to Pokhara (another city which is the gateway to treks on the Annapurna mountain range. The flight took about a half hour and we sat on the right hand side of the plane in order to see views of the Himalayas. Unfortunately, it was cloudy, so we didn't get that much of a view, but we did catch some great scenery of some of Nepal's many rivers ... read more
The Domestic Terminal
Our Plane
Katie & Elysia on the Plane

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara » Sarangkot May 6th 2013

The seven hour bus journey from Kathmandu was by far my favourite so far. Not only was it well-organised, but the scenery was absolutely breath-taking. As tired as I was, I managed to stay awake for most of it. I was met at the bus station and swiftly driven to Mountain House. My first impressions were positive: the staff are welcoming and helpful, my room is spotlessly clean, spacious and bright, and they make awesome lassis. It was also located about a the minute walk from the waterfront. Due to a mix-up, I ended up with a deluxe room, so I have a double bed and two singles to myself. After chilling out for a while, I took a walk down to the main street in search of an ATM and food. I tried one ATM, ... read more
Rest stop between Kathmandu and Pokhara
From Kathmandu to Pokhara
Phewa Lake

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara » Sarangkot April 9th 2013

Die letzten Tage in Pokhara waren sehr sehr entspannt. Der erste Eindruck, dass Nepal deutlich weniger anstrengend ist als Indien hat sich also zum Glück bestätigt! Nepal gefällt mir also bisher sehr gut! Hier scheint man auch viel weniger zu handeln, was auch irgendwo Nerven spart. Man hat eher den Eindruck dass es einen festen Preis für alles gibt und wenn man den nicht zahlen will, auch kein Problem... In Pokhara selbst gibt es außer einem sehr entspannten See nicht so viel und wir haben die letzten Tage vor allem damit verbracht, die Wanderung vorzubereiten. Nicht nur Ausrüstung etc. sondern auch Permits, ne Karte usw. mussten wir noch besorgen. Morgen frühstücken wir also entspannt, nehmen nen Bus an den Ausgangslunkt der Reise (Besishahar) und wandern dort los!! Alles in allem soll die Route wohl ca. 14 ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara » Sarangkot March 5th 2013

Hi all, Catching up on a few days and the end of our trip in Pokhara. We spent the remaining couple of days going to Sarangkot for sunrise and visiting the Tibetan Settlement of Tashi Palkhel. On our way back we did stop at a Monastery for young lama apprentice where I did end up spending most of the time playing football with the security guard, our taxi driver and one of the youngsters from the Monastery, it was a delight to watch the smile on the young one. Finally, what a great surprise on our final afternoon in Pokhara when we ran into Tom and Lauren, the American couple I spoke about on our Annapurna trek, they unfortunately had to turn back on ascent day - great reunion and the opportunity for us to say ... read more
The mass
A different perspective...
Old tibetan

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara » Sarangkot March 3rd 2013

Got to Pokhara 2 days ago to relax after our trek.... read more
On the plane to Pokhara
Arrival in Pokhara
Pokhara Lake

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara » Sarangkot July 19th 2012

Woweee....Pokhara is amazing. Very scenic and great for a bit of 'you' time. Arrived yesterday after an 8 hour tourist bus ride, which I have to say was pretty dreadful on the whole . Arriving at a small guest house with dimmed lights and my heart was just going at the speed of light - but turns out 2 days later met some amazing people and got to experience some amazing things. So yesterday evening, I met with 3 of the staff from my volunteer programme for dinner and a bit of Nepali folk dance. Pretty wierd as they were conversing in Nepali, so after like 3 chips and a soda I was done. Got a ride back to the guesthouse on a motorbike - and it was crazily cool! No laws, just beeping when you ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara » Sarangkot April 1st 2012

Morning flight over the Himalayas today. Woke up at 5:30, completely oblivious that we were supposed to meet Ravi in the lobby at 5:45. He told us. More than once. But we apparently had a major brain fart and totally forgot what Ravi had said even though I heard him clearly and repeated it. At 5:55 when Ravi called our room to tell us it was getting late, I realized that Nabin's English was not as good as we thought. The night before when he dropped us at the hotel he said six fifteen, but what he meant was fifteen to six. Big difference. So after Ravi called we rushed downstairs not realizing that we didn't need to bring all our stuff because we'd be returning after the mountain flight. So we threw everything in the ... read more
The Himalayas
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara » Sarangkot March 27th 2012

So, 0730 flight says Dhana- you've got to be up at 0530, breaky at 0600, airport at 0700 is the schedule. OK- got that. Dutifully up at 0530, packed and having the usual at 0600. It is still dark, the sky is that beautiful colour before the sun emerges and there is not a cloud to be seen (damn). Breakfast is a very quiet affair. Ready to head to the airport at 0615- and it is only a 50 metre walk down the road- I am ready to now just get it over with. Dhana insists that we should have some more tea- Why??? Dhana knew something we didn't. (It transpires that the first plane has been cancelled and now won't leave until 0930). We say goodbye and thankyou very much to Santos and give him ... read more
Jomsom Airport
 Jomsom Airport
Our Best French Friend

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