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June 24th 2013
Published: July 6th 2013
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Kathmandu to Pokhara

Pokhara is only a short half-hour flight from Kathmandu. The bus ride is about 7-8 hours though!

Today we woke up early and checked out of our hotel in Kathmandu to do a trek through the Himalaya mountains. Our guide for the trip, Dave, met us at the hotel and took us to the airport.

After waiting in the airport for over an hour for the flight we got on this great little plane run by Simrek Airlines. It holds about 20 people and flew us to Pokhara (another city which is the gateway to treks on the Annapurna mountain range. The flight took about a half hour and we sat on the right hand side of the plane in order to see views of the Himalayas. Unfortunately, it was cloudy, so we didn't get that much of a view, but we did catch some great scenery of some of Nepal's many rivers on the way.

Once we got to Pokhara we checked into our hotel and had a bit of a rest. Katie, another U of T medicine student wasn't feeling well so the rest was well used.

The hotel we stayed in is called the Hotel Splendid View. Talk about luxury!!! Large rooms, great views, friendly staff, clean and... Wait for it... Air
The Domestic TerminalThe Domestic TerminalThe Domestic Terminal

The picture actually makes it seem a lot cleaner than it really is. But overall, not a bad facility.
conditioning in the rooms! This was great for Mike because he hasn't stopped sweating since he got to Nepal!

After a short rest we went our into the city as a group to buy some rain gear and lunch. We picked up some ponchos and bag coves for the trek and then enjoyed lunch on the lake front. It was a beautiful restaurant. We decided to walk along the lake side on the way back to the hotel. Wonderful views and a really nice new stone boardwalk.

For dinner we went to another restaurant right on the lake. Actually it was next door! This place was also really great.

Tomorrow we will get up early again to start our trek to Poon Hill. We are pretty excited about seeing rural Nepal and some amazingly tall mountains!

A Bit About Our Guide

Today was a fantastic day, in no small part to our wonderful guide. We thought we would share his contact information in case any other travellers are planning a Nepal trek and looking for a guide. If you are, get in touch with Devman Tamang - he will take care of you and
Our PlaneOur PlaneOur Plane

We flew Simrik Airlines and really enjoyed their service. Modern plane and great passenger service.
knows all there is to know about trekking in Nepal and all of the different routes. We would strongly recommend him, without any hesitation! Here is how you can get in touch with him:

Devman Tamang
Email: or
Devman's Facebook Page
Telephone: +977 9849278906

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Mike on the PlaneMike on the Plane
Mike on the Plane

The cool kids ride in the back of the bus!
View from our Hotel Room Patio in PokharaView from our Hotel Room Patio in Pokhara
View from our Hotel Room Patio in Pokhara

Great hotel! Hotel Splendid View.
View from our Lunch TableView from our Lunch Table
View from our Lunch Table

That is Fewa Lake
The Streets of PokharaThe Streets of Pokhara
The Streets of Pokhara

Much quieter, less polluted and less dusty than Kathmandu
Fewa Lake and the Many BoatsFewa Lake and the Many Boats
Fewa Lake and the Many Boats

There is a small island with a Hindu temple on it. The only way there is by these boats. Every year one or two is overloaded and sinks. Many passengers die because they don't really know how to swim and there are no lifejackets. It's really sad, especially because the boats are really never that far from shore.
The FIRST recycling bin we saw in NepalThe FIRST recycling bin we saw in Nepal
The FIRST recycling bin we saw in Nepal

Recycle on the left, Garbage on the right.
At the Marina on Fewa LakeAt the Marina on Fewa Lake
At the Marina on Fewa Lake

This is where people depart from to go to the temple on the island.
Dinner RestaurantDinner Restaurant
Dinner Restaurant

Different restaurant than lunch, although much the same idea.

19th October 2013
View from our Hotel Room Patio in Pokhara

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