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16th November 2015

awesome trip!
A few thoughts on mine: https://romanianvancouveriteblog.wordpress.com/
23rd February 2015
Our cooking shelter at camp

What's for dinner?
We need a few more photos please.
22nd February 2015

That first picture of you jumping in the middle of the road brought back a memory...
I was traveling in Uganda on a newly paved road. I came upon a team of about 10 men measuring the distances from each side of the road and from the end of the last stripe. Then a couple men on the team would paint the next stripe by hand. It seems that there are plenty of laborers so anything that can be done by hand is done by hand. Earlier I saw men chipping away at a large rock to make smaller aggregate for concrete. Full employment but very, very unproductive! Anyway, someday I hope to overland from Tanzania to South Africa so am enjoying your blogs.
23rd February 2015

Great story
Thanks for reading! Your story about the line painting is a good one! It's definitely an accurate portrayal of how work is done in a very labour intensive way there. In the end, our trip was somewhere between 10,000 and 11,000 km, so that is a lot of road line to paint by hand!
22nd February 2015

This one is on our short list but our short list is not so short. The spice plantations would be a great experience.
22nd February 2015

Yes, we weren't sure what to expect with the spice plantation - we thought it might be gimmicky, but it was actually a lot of fun, and we'd recommend it.
13th October 2014
Elysia at the Falls

Adorable .. Elysia smiled when the waterfall smiled ;)
4th September 2014
The two of us at sunset

Zanzibar Heaven!
After Dar, Zanzibar was a welcomed relief for me too. I enjoyed reading your experiences and hopefully will get around to blogging mine. Nice picture!
4th September 2014

Ah yes, Dar traffic, we too experienced that hell too. Sounds like you had a safer time of it than us though. I will be sharing that story on my blog when I get to it. I enjoyed the beach on the other end of it though but was happy to leave.
27th August 2014
Some more baboons hanging out

Wow, how great! Loved the blog.
18th August 2014
Heap of hippos hiding from the heat

Great adventure!
How great that you got to see so many animals do their thing--chasing/confronting each other, enjoying the water, munching grass outside your tent! Loved the video with sounds too!
18th August 2014

Such wonders of nature. :)
I'm glad more and more people decide to shoot cameras instead of rifles at them. I long to be able to go there and witness such beauty myself. :)
19th October 2013
View from our Hotel Room Patio in Pokhara

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18th September 2013
Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque in Brunei

Kingdom of Brunei
We loved our time in Brunei. You've captured a lovely photo of the mosque.
22nd August 2013

street meat
I giggled.....sounds nasty
30th July 2013

Nepali Trek Next Generation
What a lovely story about going to see the Lamas family.
7th July 2013

Your story about the door that locks (and bars) only from the outside made me laugh.
7th July 2013

Good read
So that's a true monsoon. Looks like we've been exaggerating our coastal rains. The river looks spectacular, like Hagwilget Canyon near Hazelton BC. You must be walking in headwater country. And it looks like Nepal, like Canada, has water. Nice layout in your blog. I like the balance of text and images, and easy navigation. Engaging. Thanks for sharing your travel stories, dd
6th July 2013

Well you are in Asian leopard cat country. Wouldn't it be cool to see the foundation wild cat of the Bengal breed in the wild?
14th August 2012

what an awesome city
From Blog: Day 2 alexandria
20th June 2012

Great read
Glad to see my birthplace. I'm born and bred there
16th June 2012

'Serbian side' doesn't exist in Mostar. You have Croats on the one side of the river, and Bosniaks (Muslims) on the other side. Although these divisions aren't official :)
16th June 2012

a few corrections
I'm glad you guys enjoyed your Mostar trip. However, you do seem to have some of your signals crossed. Where you parked was most likely on the so-called east side of Mostar. Up until May 1993, the Bosnian Croats and Bosnjaks (aka Muslims) were allies against the Bosnian Serbs. In May 1993 a conflict broke out between Croats and Muslims. The east side is often referred to as the 'Muslim' side and the west as ''Croat.' Although i reject the idea of an ethnically divided Mostar - reality sings a different tune. In short - you were on the 'Muslim' side not the Serbian side. Most Serbs were left or were driven from Mostar...with a very small Serbian population remaining. The guy that was 'watching' your car was, simply spoken, an opportunist. It's easy to convince foreigners of impending danger (especially with bullet hole ridden buildings around) and scare them into paying. What plagues Mostar more than anything is economic depression. People are generally poor, particularly on the east side. There is no right or wrong side to park on. Those days are behind. What i do recommend is for anyone traveling to BiH with foreign license plates is to park in a lot with an attendee. That way any crooks (not Serbs, Croats or Muslims)...won't have their way with your belongings. Hope you come to see us!

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