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December 3rd 2015
Published: December 5th 2015
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aNagarkot Nepal 2& 3 December 2015

After a catch-up sleep and the hotel's water pump was fixed so we could have a shower in the morning, we left at 8.30am. This was after a hearty breakfast of fresh fruit and a marsala omelette which has become a favourite of ours. The additives are chilli, onions, tomato, and coriander - YUM!

We had 6-7 hours of driving to get to Nagarkot which is at 2200m elevation so that we could spot Mt Everest. On the way we stopped at Bhaktapur and saw more of the earthquake devastation to peoples' houses and Nepalese monuments. There was a large area with Chinese Red Cross labelled tents which were set of for those who have lost their homes.

We had a guide take us around. We saw the area where they make pottery. There was also a painting school especially for students to learn Thanka Art. Pieces of art are so detailed, a 20cm x 20 cm piece would take over 3 months to complete. The artwork tells a story of the Buddhist world. This art is used to enhance meditation as it looks 3D. An artist will only repeat the same design, refining it with each piece.

We saw much devastation. They have a lot of work to do. It will be slow going.

We checked in at the Club Himalaya at 5.00pm, just missing the sunset. We were certainly above the clouds. We drove through the small village of Nagarkot to get to the resort.

At Club Himalaya we noted tourist numbers critically low. Over the 18 hours we were there, we counted about 30 people and it was a huge complex perched on top of a mountain.

They upgraded us so that we could see the sunrise over Mt Everest from our balcony.

The next morning we got up at 6.0am and there was a slight glow in the sky. We went up on the terrace as there was a tree in front of our balcony. The morning was crisp and the sunrise didn't let us down. It occurred just after 6.15am.

We tracked Everest against the brochure we had and finally spotted it. However, we couldn't take a successful, clear photo due to the distance. We stood gazing at the horizon as the brilliant sun rose above the cloud band. Wow, just beautiful.

We then had breakfast and left to travel down the very poor, single lane road to the Kathmandu International Airport. We have already received notification that the plane to Deli was going to be at least 1.5 hours late. Kathmandu was covered in cloud so flights were delayed coming in a going out of the Capital of Nepal.

Although our time was short in Nepal, we thoroughly enjoyed all our experiences and sights. We were flying back to Delhi for our last 4 days in India.

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On the way to Nagarkot Nepal On the way to Nagarkot Nepal
On the way to Nagarkot Nepal

Great road we were delayed for 15 mins while they shovelled the dirt off the road
Ancient Bhaktapur CityAncient Bhaktapur City
Ancient Bhaktapur City

They have put large posters of those buildings completely lost.

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