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Asia » Nepal » Nagarkot October 12th 2019

Deze ochtend zwaaiden we ons eerste hotel vaarwel. Het was een enorm goed hotel, dus de toon is gezet! Hopelijk is de rest even goed. Onze eerste stop was Bouddhanath, een witte bol met vlaggeskes volgens één van de grootouders. :) En eigenlijk hebben ze geen ongelijk. We kunnen er maar mee lachen, maar op zich was het heel indrukwekkend. We namen hier dan ook enkele foto's en gingen een klooster binnen waar een gigantisch beeld van Boeddha stond. helemaal in goud gecoat. Ook stond er een gigantische gebedsmolen, waar we rond gingen en eraan draaiden. Onze gids had deze stoepa al genoeg gezien, dus gaf ze ons even vrij om erop te gaan wandelen en de winkeltjes daarrond te verkennen. Volgende stop: Pashupatinath! Onderweg naar daar kwamen we zowat elke Nepalese militair in het land ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Nagarkot March 17th 2019

Reflecting a bit on the past few weeks in Nepal we can conclude we have not fallen in love with the country. We do love the spectacular nature and we find it difficult to pinpoint but there is something lacking. We feel Nepal is somewhat like India but without the colourfulness, the spiciness and the fun loving people. And yes also a little bit less chaotic and noisy. ;-) The Nepali people we do meet because they work in tourism are friendly and maybe the Nepali are just a bit more timid and not as extravert but we generally enjoy the small talk with curious random strangers we so often meet in a bus, train or on the street and this does not happen to us in Nepal. We had some totally unnecessary unfriendly encounters which ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Nagarkot October 9th 2018

We walked for a couple of hours. Starting at the hotel, we followed a dirt path down. After only a few hundred meters, a dog started following us and would do so for the next 10 km. We soon had a name for him: Bob! And for a while, we also had the aptly-named 'Barky' and Mocha. Bob would have followed us till the end, making friends along the way. In the end, we decided not to betray Bob by taking a car off into the sunset without him. Instead, we shooed him off at a place with people and continued our journey. Up, this time, trough a forest. With nice views along the way. The end of the journey is at another temple. Nice, old, like a lot of others. The food nearby is good ... read more
Ooh /aaah
Some young goats, tied at the side of the road
On the road

Asia » Nepal » Nagarkot October 8th 2018

The next day, the alarm sounded at 5:30. And again at 5:35, followed by a knock on our door. And two missed calls came in via sms. At 5:42, we had put on some clothes (a long sleeve would have been nice) and climbed 5 more stairs to the top of a highrise. The view was amazing but as you can see on the photos, the fog was kinda ruining it. (tried again at 8:00 for the last few photos) An interesting thing was to see all the other people at other high places watching and being a bit frustratrated. In the end, we did see the mountains in the distance, with a low nice light on them from the rising sun. ... read more
A nearby hilltop
The hills beyond..
Sunrise and fog

Asia » Nepal » Nagarkot December 3rd 2015

aNagarkot Nepal 2& 3 December 2015 After a catch-up sleep and the hotel's water pump was fixed so we could have a shower in the morning, we left at 8.30am. This was after a hearty breakfast of fresh fruit and a marsala omelette which has become a favourite of ours. The additives are chilli, onions, tomato, and coriander - YUM! We had 6-7 hours of driving to get to Nagarkot which is at 2200m elevation so that we could spot Mt Everest. On the way we stopped at Bhaktapur and saw more of the earthquake devastation to peoples' houses and Nepalese monuments. There was a large area with Chinese Red Cross labelled tents which were set of for those who have lost their homes. We had a guide take us around. We saw the area where ... read more
Sunrise towards Mt Everest above Nagarkot (3)
Sunrise towards Mt Everest above Nagarkot (9)
Himalayan Resort on top of the mountain from Nagarkot Nepal - our balcony

Asia » Nepal » Nagarkot February 3rd 2015

Blog#2 - Nagarkot Myself and Joe had got ourselves on a bus to go to Nagarkot, a hill station on the foothill of the Himalayas. The bus was very very crowded! There was hardly anywhere for everyone to sit! Some people had to stand, others had to even half hang out of the bus! Joe and I got on early and we managed to find some seats closer to the back, though it was still a very tight squeeze. As Nepal is our first country in Asia, we weren't prepared for the sheer lack of space and, of course, the size of the bus from the inside. Neither myself or Joe would have been able to stand fully upright, more likely we would have had to crouch over. However, the bus finally got going and even ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Nagarkot October 3rd 2013

With 2 weeks or so before our Base camp trek was due to start, we decided to head out of the smog filled city and head for the Kathmandu Valley. Doing this would achieve two things. Firstly, we would be able to get away from the imposing fumes that the city forces upon you 24/7 ergo extending our life for a good 2 years or so at least, and secondly, to get some much needed walking practice in and getting fit, whilst admiring some of the countryside. We didn’t really have a plan for this fortnight, and to be honest, this suited us just fine. Being a little more spontaneous was something we had hoped for ever since leaving India. So, flicking through various maps and guides, we finally stumbled upon Nargakot, just 20km east of ... read more
Much of our time here was misty..
No view, but a good walk all the same

Asia » Nepal » Nagarkot July 4th 2013

Today, we got up, ate breakfast at the hotel and then hired the hotels car and driver to take us to Changu Narayan. The drive was about 40 minutes through Kathmandu and the surrounding towns and rural areas. Near Changurayan, we saw many huge stacks of bricks and we knew we must be in a district famous for brick making. Our driver dropped us at the top of the hill, and we began our trek to Nagarkot. Nagarkot is a place high above the Kathmandu Valley that is famous for its views of the surrounding area and the Himalayas. We were excited, because the weather in the morning was great, and we hoped that we might be able to catch another glimpse of the mountains. We could have taken the car straight to Nagarkot from the ... read more
Driving through Kathmandu
Rice Fields in Bhaktapur
Brick Works

Asia » Nepal » Nagarkot May 3rd 2013

We booked what ended up being a pricey trip, but that promised to be worth it. So, we were driven for an hour up to Paradise Inn in Nagarkot. Meals and transfers were included in the price, and we had a balcony overlooking the mountains. It was beautiful, relaxing, and a world away from the bustling streets of Kathmandu. Ram told me how, during the civil war, Maoist rebels had hidden in the mountains of Nagarkot. The war lasted ten years (1996 - 2006) and saw the deaths of approximately 15,000 people. Although it ended in a peace agreement, the Maoists' new-found political recognition brought about the abolition of the 240 year-long monarchy in 2008, after it having already fallen to decline in 1991, by way of political reforms. Nepal is now a federal republic. At ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Nagarkot March 24th 2013

I was relieved to find out yesterday that we would not have to leave too early this morning. Rabi's brother-in-law, Dru, came to my hotel at 10:00 and we took a car to Changu Narayan to start our walk to Nagarkot. Changu is also a World Heritage Site (100NRs) and the brochure says it is 'The most ancient pilgrimage site of Kathmandu Valley.' Dru is a tour guide, so he knows about the temples and sites in the cities, but I told him he didn't have to tell me everything. Hindu is such a complex religion, and I've been to many Hindu temples, so I knew I would just go into overload if he told me too much. He was totally fine with that, so he gve me enough information to keep me interested and I ... read more
Changu Narayan
Changu Narayan Temple
To hold oil lamps as offerings

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