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Asia » Nepal » Muktinath July 1st 2017

It was kind of crazy how this trip came about. For the better part of a year, I had been excited to go wander around the Phillippines. I was ticketed through Seoul and on to Cebu City. One month before my trip, I got a little too scared of all the vigilante and police killings related to the Duterte presidency. Things just seemed a little too wild, I didn't like the vibe. A pity because the Phillipino people I know are wonderful. They are embracing the drug war of the new president, many innocents are getting caught in the crossfire and it seems that the police are slipping a few political opponents into the death tally. Save it for another time. So, sadly, I decided to go elsewhere. I had a non-refundable ticket to Seoul already ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Muktinath November 25th 2010

Today was the last trekking leg of our journey. Due to the rescheduling as mentionned in my earlier blogs , we didn't have time to complete the whole of the Annapurna circuit so our plan was to trek to Jomson, then drive to Beni from there we would make our way back to Pokhara, spend a day or so there and then fly back to Kathmandu. We rose and had breakfast in Muktinath with a overly friendly cat and then hit the road, initially just as far as the local Gompa. This had several different types of buddha in the form of golden statues. This place had the feel of a real living, breathing gompa and as we left we found many buddhist locals circumnavigating spinning the hundreds of prayer wheels outside. The views from such ... read more
Breakfast at Muktinath
Breakfast time Muktinath
Tsechen Kunga Choeling Gompa

Asia » Nepal » Muktinath December 15th 2008

November 8, 2008 Saturday Day 19 Today is the last day of actual trekking - back to Jomsom. And on Sunday we catch a morning flight to Pokara. We stayed at Hotel Nightingale in Muktanath last night. It’s a rather large hotel and all the rooms were full. Our room door opened off the roof. We met an American expatriate named Susan whose room was also on the roof and was actually set aside as a temple or meditation room. She is on a spiritual quest to Muktinath and was rather pleased with her room. We enjoyed having dinner with her and talking with her about her 15 years of living and traveling in Asia. She studied linguistics and anthropology in California and came to Asia to teach English as a 2nd language after one or ... read more
The road back to Jomsom
Bruce and a cowboy

Asia » Nepal » Muktinath December 12th 2008

November 7, 2008 Friday Muktinath Day 18 It’s 1:05 p.m. We’re sitting in the street level dining room at Hotel Nightingale in Muktinath. The group of Europeans we met in Kagbeni just arrived by horse back! The walk was a little harder today (more uphill) but much more interesting. We walked east from Kagbeni along the Thong Khola (Thong River) through Klingar (very small) and Jharkot (a little larger) where we stopped for a tea break. We went uphill, then flat and then more uphill to Muktinath. It took us about 4 ½ hours to get here including tea break. We are having lunch now (Spring rolls and momos), then we’ll shower and / or wash and go to the Temple. Bruce is a little tired and a little light headed, but feeling better now that ... read more
Dilman on the road to Muktinath
The Temple at Muktinath

Asia » Nepal » Muktinath October 8th 2002

We got up in Thorung Pedi at 5am and it was clear so we began the 600m ascent. At the high camp an hour later Gregory from Belgium dropped out to stay a day as he was not feeling too good, but they rest of us went on as we could see some blue sky, but not much now. However it continued to snow harder and by the time we got to the top all we could see was white. My stomach was a little dodgy so I found a small cold 3 walled stone loo at the stop and took what might have been my coldest dump ever (somehow I think not though..), and is definately my highest not including planes. The descent was quite muddy and long and it was good to get to ... read more

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