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November 5th 2007
Published: November 6th 2007
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Ahhh.... finaly... I'm lettin myself relax. So... since getting to nepal Anja and i have been going nuts with all the stuff there is too do here. Trekking and now we just got back from a 10day rafting trip/expedition down the Karnali river in the very remote areas of Western nepal. So basicaly, every day of the rafting trip was wake up, wipe all the sand off that was stuck to my face ebcause I rolled off or Anja hustled me off the sleeping matt onto the sand and then I didnt realise and just continued drooling... hence the sand on my face. Go drink tea for half hour, watch everyone else pack up there dry bags ( we didnt ever need to do this because we just wore the same clothes the whole time... so packing/unpacking didnt ever take place) then eventualy when the sun came over the hill (around 930 - 10) we got into the raft and paddled... drifted... paddled... drifted... PADDLED/HELD ON... drifted..ate lunch and then repeat in the afternoon. In the evening we stopped to set up camp around 4ish usualy before the sun went down and we all got cold. Leaned the rafts up against
the class 6 bus trip endsthe class 6 bus trip endsthe class 6 bus trip ends

probably the most dangerous thing i'll do the whole trip was take the bus to the put in point from the high way... i went to sleep cause i couldnt handle the 500m drop anymore... the road was maybe 4x4quality.. made logging roads look paved
paddles, set up our matts underneath and then huddled around fire as dinner would almost always be ready around this point. So then we ate, drank rum around the fire until like 9ish and then off to bed under the stars/rafts. It was good, what can I say. What was really cool about the whole thing, well of course the class 5 rapids and the rafting and everything, but more then that, we were out in the midle of absolutely no where. The locals from the surrounding villages would come down and see us. Zero english, hardly any nepalies because they had there own dialects, so theyd just stand and stare a few feet away (if they gave us that much space) and stare. Some times trying to steal stuff but usualy just checkin things out. What these weird white guys were doin floatin down the river. See people havent been running expeditions on the karnali lately because this was prime maost territory and in the past the companies had been having a really hard time with maosts demanding things at gun-point and stuff like that and when your on a ten-day expedition it's not like your packing a random
the daily lunch stopthe daily lunch stopthe daily lunch stop

this one was lunch stop of day #2 i think
extra boat in case the maos want one. So many of the younger kids had never seen tourists on the river before and the older ones didnt remember "us". Anyways, it was kinda surreal and at times agrovating. But of course good. Here's some pics. I'll be here in kathmandu for maybe another 8 or 9 days so maybe i'll run into some of you on msn or something before I head down to pushkar on the 14th ish I think to go check out the largest camel fair on earth. Sounds intense I think... it's supposed to be pretty cool if you've never been to a camel fair... wait a sec.. who has.

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fishing.. or about tofishing.. or about to
fishing.. or about to

myself.. mike (the freshly turned 30year old who now feels that life might as well be over... he's 30) and the local hunter. We fished all week... i got one bite
can you spot the raftcan you spot the raft
can you spot the raft

the first rapid we got out and scouted before running... It doesnt look that big but there is a boat in therre carrying 6 people, a guide and all there luggage... somewhere. HOnestly, it's dead center. I can only see it on the camera if I zoom in on it. try it.
gear boat flippedgear boat flipped
gear boat flipped

in human for lunch the gear boat dodged the first mafor whole and then got sucked into the second. 3 seconds later the guides on the gear boat were swimming. One got sucked under for nearly 15seconds adn the other held onto the boat before climbing on top where he waited for the current to spit the boat out. So, we had to dry out the food.
what to do but waitwhat to do but wait
what to do but wait

ya thats anja lookin flabergasted
jungle waterfalljungle waterfall
jungle waterfall

nicest waterfall ever... the water was like 5deg. warmer then the river which made it even nicer

middle of the trip by this point left to right katya (dutsch) Sabrina (swiss) Anja
guides are scoutin human for lunchguides are scoutin human for lunch
guides are scoutin human for lunch

after scoutin the first two major rapids with the guides. We decided to go into them blind.

this is the campsite on halloween... beleive it or not. While i was digging the toilet whole for the group a dead body floated down the river... Probably a local who didnt know hwo to swim. ....

Our 5' tall nepaly raft guide. Guides in nepal and in california during the NAmerica summer.
last nightlast night
last night

myself and my buddy micheal at mikes favourite tibetan restaurant. (half the price of the western places around)

8th November 2007

strangers and cute girls
Who's the girl in the blue shorts or skirt in "what to do but wait"? ;-) But seriously, the story about the natives looking at you from the river banks like you're from mars sounds like a great experience.
14th November 2007

awesome in the AM
great photos tallis! I can't wait to see more. I can't believe the morning pictures - I could just imagine waking up and seeing the sun in the clouds, while still chilly in the valley. Glad to see you're having such a wonderful time. Good inspiration for when you go back to school (eventually). At least you still have a few more years until life is over (according to the 30 year old hunter)! take care muchos besos jenica

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