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November 25th 2007
Published: November 25th 2007
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So I'm now in Palolem Goa. Getting here was again completely exhausting (I think i've now said that every time I move somewhere new since leaving nepal). Starting with a night bus from pushkar, a day/night off in delhi then right away hopping onto a 2night/1day long train ride that wasn't as bad as it sounds but even worse then I would have imagined it to be at the same time.


Last I let everyone know I was going to be heading over to pushkar to go see the camel fair. Well, I'm honestly not really sure what my opinion of the camel fair is. The weird thing about it is that it was exactly like the pictures I've seen but at the same time, almost nothing more (if that makes sence). It was almost exactly like any fair we have back in Canada. There are the rides(farris wheels etc. but here you wouldnt dare go on them because they look like ones that my dad would have ridden on when he was 10 so needless to say they were fallin apart), the animal show, the food competitions, the random locals trying to rip you off in every direction it even had the local rodeo type thing; but here it consists mainly of indian games and camel races etc. Camels, horses, goats, cows, dogs and locals from all over rhajastan gathered into a small part of desert outside of pushkar that all just seemed so natural and almost normal. One thing I'm finding this time in india is that everything just seems to be normal even though you wouldn't see these kinds of thing absolutely anywhere else in the world... it's just, why would it be anyway else. I've been having this kind of conversation quite often with other travelers who are also on there second visit to india and how they are finding it quite different from there first. Like I said, to me, everything just seems to be normal and not really out of the ordinary where as last time I was here I couldnt even get my head around anything. Eating, sleeping, drinking... anything and everything seemed to be completely incomprehendable, but now I dont know, it's all just quite easy. After traveling with a few people who just arived here and kind of showing thema round a little and what to eat and all that, I think even knowing a few of the little things and a few tricks here there just make life soo much easier. Ok ok ok... tangent tallis again.. back to the camel fair. There were also all these organized "tourist" show/attraction things that the locals had organized and were putting on for show (for both foreign and indian tourists); including horse/camel dancing, horse/camel racing, a foreigner vs local game of cabati/cricket/football/more random games, best dressed bride, best mustache and the list goes on and on. These "shows" were at first really entertaining but honestly grew a little old after a while of sitting on the stands in the desert sun watching a camel "dance" if you will. But pushkar is an absolutely gorgeous place that even with sooo many people around it was still so easy to search out a real "shanti"(indian word for chill ) place around the lake or up on one of the holey hills to watch the sun set. Plus there's always good people to be found in pushkar.


The train ride down here was absolutely exhausting. I slept way too much during the day and no-where near enough during the nights leaving me almost jet legged and forcing myself to stay awake tonight so I can get myself back on normal sleeping times. It just so happened that this upcomming week the National high-school competition is being held here in goa for volleyball, hammer throwing, soccer, tug of war and weight lifting. So, our train was full of 12/13 year old boys and girls on their way to goa to come compete. Imagine a train full of kids all going to nats, they're allw ay to excited and none of them can sleep because they dont have beds so just sit up all night chatting or sitting in the dark or... basicaly keeping me awake. Plus, I'm the only blond person on what seems the entire train so I of course get way to much attention and hardly a minute to myself; which usualy the train rides are really nice for because you can just crawl into bed and not be bothered by anyone. Like I said... not this train trip at all.
The beach here is exactly like the beaches in thailand were; really busy, built up and full of tourists. So tommorow I'm movin on to another beach thats supposed to be a little more relaxed and chilled out.

After this the plan still stands to fly out to sri-lanka on Dec. 6th and to be there for a around three months. I'm well.. really excited to get there.

sorry this post is soo scrambly and un-organized.. but it's kind of how i'm feelin today so maybe it's a good thing in a way.


28th November 2007

have fun in sri-lanka dude. just remember to follow your nose. ;)

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