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Asia » Mongolia » Khovd December 30th 2020

Had I not been asked to join a photography trip, I would not have gone to Bayan Olgi, the Western part of Mongolia bordering with Kazakhstan at the end of August last year. Getting the visa was without a drama as the Mongolian Embassy in Jakarta was thinly staffed. After much of persuasion, we managed to get our visa in time and left for Ulaanbataar, transiting in Hong Kong. It was great to be back at Ulaanbaatar as I could see the development progress in such a short time. I did recall there were not many tall buildings seen during my visit years ago, during which main roads had potholes. This time, the traffic was heavy, tall buildings sprang and roads were nicely paved. It was amazing to see how coal did to the economy. Mongolia ... read more
Eagle Hunter in Action
Eagle Hunter
Kardibek with his horse

Asia » Mongolia » Khovd August 18th 2019

It takes one hour and 40 minutes with the plane from Ulaanbaatar tot Hovd. Hovd is a city in western Mongolia. When we arrive there is no taxi, no bus or whatsoever. Finally we find someone who takes us to the city. I ask how much we have to pay. The man begins to grin. ‘Nothing’, he says, ‘I just go in the same direction.’ Hitchhiking is normal in Mongolia. Our hotel is called Uurgu Hotel. A nice hotel with a good restaurant. But there is one problem. There is no electricity and because there is no electricity there is also no water. ‘It’s in all town and it will take a week’, says the receptionist. The Russians are repairing it.’ Electricity comes from Russia, from Irkoetsk, just North of Hovd. The relation between Mongolia and ... read more
Petroglyphs near Tsenkheriin Agui
Our tent and car
Throat singer Tserendawa

Asia » Mongolia » Khovd July 16th 2011

Pat and I just returned to the town of Ulgii in Western Mongolia after an adventure in the countryside. A real adventure too.. We started in the town of Khovd, where we flew from UB. Pat's friend Mike from Flagstaff had arrived in UB just a couple days prior - so it was the 3 of us. We were met in Khovd by a small (no joke - he is tiny) 20 year old guy named Nurbal - by the way - Western Mongolia is mostly Khazak, as is Nurbal. Khazak culture is super interesting and incredibly hospitable folks. Nurbal served as our translator sort of guide type person (not guide for rivers - that's Pat's role). Nurbal had tons of energy and was super excited to be working with us. Mike taught him the expression ... read more
View of our van
Another view of the van
Kids and kayaks

Asia » Mongolia » Khovd July 13th 2011

Hello monsters are an interesting species. They thrive in the province of Bayan-Olgii of western Mongolia. As omnivores, they dwell in packs of 2-5 members, although larger numbers have been reported. Having adapted to urban life, they emerge in the morning, waiting for stray Westerners to wander into their traps, bombarding them with "Hal-lows" relentlessly. One pack alone can shout hallo over 15 times in 10 seconds, draining the foreigners and nourishing the hello monsters for the night. Yet, during the night and wee hours of the morning, their nocturnal counterpart slithers in. The drunk zombies, unlike the hello monsters, are strictly male, their female equivalents hiding in gers, incubating a new litter of the monsters. Zombies stand approximately 3 times taller than the monsters, and have a swaggered gait. Fortunately, although they still thrive on ... read more
Best Sand Castle in Mongolia
My first Eagle
Don't trust a wolf

Asia » Mongolia » Khovd June 21st 2011

Our broken down bus lies destitute in a small river valley, nourishing the only vegetation we have seen for 200 kilometers. We hike a mile up a hill to a small som, the bus drunk leading us in his search for "medicine" . Thunderclouds looming behind desert mountains, a couple hawks drift lazily overhead, eying the paraplegic dog, its crippled legs and tail weaving a haphazard trail thru the dirt. Minivans with 3 spare tires strapped on their roofs sit idle, their occupants wandering in between gers. Our friend Jala approacheth. "Someone on their bus has died" he tells me in the typical stoically slow Mongolian-English. "OMG wtf that stanks bAd 4 dem" I reply. A slow smile creeps up his cheeks, "Yes, we have a problem, but theirs, is much worse." Having spent a few ... read more

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