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December 19th 2019
Published: February 4th 2020
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After 3 years finally we were on the way to our absolutely favourite city in Asia: Kuala Lumpur. For those of you who follow us since quite a while, it is nothing new that we really like Malaysia, its people, nature and: Kuala Lumpur. It was already our 4th visit to this town. But let's start from the beginning.

From Istanbul we flew Fly Dubai to Dubai - if you can avoid to fly with this airline - avoid it! You will get nothing but water on this 5 hour flight and it is more than cramped and unpleasant. So it was such an amazing surprise when we entered the A380 of Emirates. The flight was completely booked but we were lucky enough to get the ermergency seats. So, lots of leg space and no neighbours, only the 2 of us just next to the flight attendants corner with non stop flowing water. It was a wonderful and comfortable flight to Kuala Lumpur where we arrived late in the evening. In the airport we went down on the ground floor and immediately could get on the airport bus which brings you to KL Sentral (main station from where you can easily get everywhere in town). Wow, and it was as hot and humid as always. From KL Sentral our AirBnB appartment was in walking distance. But as it was after midnight and we did not know how the area has developped in the last 3 years we decided to take a Grab. After 5 minutes we arrived at the Alila Tower in Bangsar, when into the lobby, got the access card and could get the room key as well. Our appartment was on the 21st floor.

The accomodation possibilities in KL have changed in the last years. When we came to KL for the first time about 9 years ago, it was either a budget room in Chinatown with no windows but lots of bedbugs or cockroaches or quite expensive B&B style rooms that were also really small and often windowless. Now, there are tons of studios and appartments to chose from on AirBnB for the same price as the former budget rooms, now including fridhe and kitchen.

So, we took the elevator to the 21st floor. It was already 1 am. We had to walk down the long isle as our appartment was on the very end, we opened the door and just stood there with mouths opened. Wow, what an amazing view. And how lucky we were with this amazing appartment. It was huge - a big and modern kitchen, a living room, a small changing room, big bathroom with a wonderful shower and on the second floor the bedroom. And window from the second down to the first floor with views over the skyline. It was AMAZING. We even had our own balcony and a washing machine. We made ourselves a tea and just enjoyed the views till 3 am. So finally we went to bed.

The next morning we had an appointment at a dentist. Markus had some major dental issues and I needed a cleaning and check up. And as Malaysia is known for high quality medical treatments we had checked in advance some dentists and made an appointment. So, we overslept, woke up at 9.35 am. Shock. We had time till 10 am to get dressed, drink some water, order a grab and drive there. Thankfully, it was not far an we reached the dentist by 10.01 am. It was amazing. Prices are a third of the prices in Switzerland and we really felt well treated. Markus stayed for more than 1 hour and had 3 big fillings - no pain at all. After a fantastiv vegan lunch at an indian restaurant in Bangsar, we went to Bangsar Shopping Mall - a very pleasant upmarket Mall. We both needed new glasses. So we let our eyes check, found nice frames and ordered everything. At the end of our trip we will come back to KL and pick up the glasses. Perfect. Again, also the glasses were about half price to Switzerland and we even got designer frames and high quality glasses. We ended the day at the supermarket of the mall to stock up for dinner.

The rest of the evening we spent in our appartment, enjoying the views and the many tropical fruits. It was heaven. The washing machine made travelling life so much easier - no handwashing here.

Next morning, we took it slowly. After breakfast we took a grab to the Thean Hou Temple. That is a huge chinese Tempel close to Bangsar where we have never been. The tempel is famous among the locals for weddings taking place here. And indeed, when we arrived they were preparing a wedding (and bride and groom were taking pictures). The temple itself is huge and really beautiful and well kept. Many ornaments on different levels. The upper level offers nice views of the skyline. Although in themiddle of the city the temple grounds are super green - wonderful tropical vegetation. We can recommend to stop here when in KL for sure. We walked back home an chilled a bit at the pool. At midday we had to leave the appartment just in time to take a grab to the airport again. And Air Asia brought us to our final destination where we will spent 4 weeks: Indonesia!

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What a nice feeling to sit down in a street side indian restaurant, enjoying vegeterian food, drinking fresh watermelon juice and smelling the humid thick air - there we realised, now our asia adventure has really begunWhat a nice feeling to sit down in a street side indian restaurant, enjoying vegeterian food, drinking fresh watermelon juice and smelling the humid thick air - there we realised, now our asia adventure has really begun
What a nice feeling to sit down in a street side indian restaurant, enjoying vegeterian food, drinking fresh watermelon juice and smelling the humid thick air - there we realised, now our asia adventure has really begun

We can't explain, but having food at these indian restaurant in Malaysia is special - we always love the food and atmosphere. This is Malaysia for us.
Kuala Lumpur is ever growingKuala Lumpur is ever growing
Kuala Lumpur is ever growing

it is a non-stop changing city - really fascinating.

4th February 2020
Kuala Lumpur is ever growing

Wonder if I took a photo of that building?
We were in Malaysia and in KL 18 months ago. I think I might have taken a photo of that building then. Possibly it was somewhat shorter then. /Ake
5th February 2020
Kuala Lumpur is ever growing

Yes. that could be. It is still not finished and might probably still get longer ;-)
14th February 2020

We like KL also
We've only been twice but suspect we may go back. We have friends who say KL is the best place to buy eye glasses. I'll do that on my next visit. So much to see and so little time.
14th February 2020

Eye glasses
Oh yes, we both got new eye glasses and are super happy with them. Great quality and service.
21st February 2020

Ah, your big trip holiday destination is revealed - Indonesia! Very exciting ? I love your stopovers on the way - great idea to break up the long-haul journey into manageable chunks, and see some amazing places along the way. Your love for Kuala Lumpur is clearly evident ?

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