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September 23rd 2008
Published: September 29th 2008
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At 7.55am sharp we were at our pickup point ready to be transferred to Jeranut. The bus was already waiting for us but we had to wait until 8am for other guests. The trip to Jeranut took only 1.5 hours and was very uneventful and bumpy!

At Jeranut we ate breakfast and then transferred to another bus that would take us halfway to Kuala Besut Jetty, our entry point to the Perhentians. This journey was horrible because no one could sleep due to the very bouncy suspension and lack of air con on such a hot day. We even had to stop for people to get off because they felt sick.

Halfway or perhaps a little further we transferred to two minivans, bags in one and people in the other. Thankfully we now had air con but the seats were not fixed to the floor! We had been told that there was no money available on the islands but some people were not prepared and we had to make a stop at a bank for one couple. They took ages and we were very fearful that we would not get to the jetty in time for our boat. Worse, our bags were on the other bus!

Luckily, through some very fast driving, we made it to the jetty for 5pm and got in our speedboat to the islands, bags and all!

The boat ride was awesome. The small boat had 400HP and we were flying off the waves. Very bumpy but excellent fun. Soon the water became clearer and we could see our paridise. Two islands, Kecil and Besar, set in stunning blue waters, excellent for snorkelling. We were dropped off at Coral Bay on Pulua Perhentian Kecil, the smaller islands with only a few guesthouses and one cafe! It looked deserted! We checked in at Maya Bungalows for only six pounds a night and owned by a very friendly family. It was 6pm but felt like midday sun, very hot. Just as we checked in the German couple next door grabbed us for the sunset - amazing from inside the bay. We then waited until 7pm for when the island got electricity to have our showers and headed to the only restaurant called 'Amelias'. At the restaurant they were having a beach BBQ and so we had shark for dinner!


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