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January 30th 2010
Published: April 15th 2017
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After visiting one of the most beautiful Taman Negaras in Asia like Bako, I headed to Sarawak’s largest national park which is found near three mountains: Mulu, Api and Benarat and surrounded by rainforest.

The reason why I came was to see the largest cave on the planet, which was one of those places that I used to see on many documentaries about Borneo, and also the particular rock formations of limestone popping out from the vegetation.

It is huge and I spent probably a couple of hours to visit just a small part of it but absolutely rewarding and, at some points, there is an opening where you can see a face shaped rock formation that seemed to be sculpted in the rock, really amazing.

At dusk millions of bats were flying out of Deer Cave, I walked on a platform built, on purpose, to assist at one of the most beautiful natural events I could ever witness.

Fauna is also abundant with deer, monkeys, giant porcupine, civets and all of Borneo’s hornbills, but honestly I enjoyed much more the wildlife watching at Bako Taman Negara.

The National Park has got two great walking trails: the canopy sky walk and the ground one for the night tour.

That time I decided to go on top of the canopy since I had done already the night walk at Bako National Park.

On top the views are just spectacular even though I did not see many animals at all.

I have seen lizards and squirrels dashing up and down the trunk of the tall trees and colourful butterflies flying around me.

In Gunung Mulu Taman Negara there are a lot of activities to choose from and I have chosen the longer overnight hikes to see and admire the famous pinnacles I was mentioning before.

The walk up to the pinnacles was really streneous and, some part of the hike, involved rope climbing and It was all but easy.

We were at over two thousands meters of elevation when we reached the top of the slope and, luckily, we made it on time before the afternoon clouds cover all the mountain view and spoiling our effort to see the pinnacles.

We took a long rest and staring at the beautiful rock formations that I had long admired many times on TV many years ago.

It was a wonderful moment and I felt really happy and relieved to have made it up to here.

Borneo gave me probably a few of the best moments while travelling in Asia and, for anyone travelling in this part of the continent, is a MUST see place.

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15th April 2017

Gunung Mulu
Looks like a very ancient place Marcos. The pinnacles as exposed in the open I presume are what remains of an eroded cave system. Yet below is another massive cave system, presumably much younger. Having done caving in my youth in non tourist (unlit) cave systems in Australia I also find them fascinating. Journey towards the Centre of the Earth was one of the scariest films I saw as a kid but heading into the bowels of the earth in real life caves with only torches can be terrifying and rewarding. That you can enter one of the world's major cave systems must have filled you with many emotions. Brilliant!
16th April 2017

Gunung Mulu
Hello Dave,About the Pinnacles: they are basically ancient corals that were eroded by the water and wind. During the formation, the corals have absorbed the atmospheric carbon dissolved in the ocean water to form these limestone Pinnacles. It is really astonishing to think that all the limestone present on earth is produced by living organism. As I said this was probably the best sight I have seen in that National Park. About the Deer Cave: I have to say that it became pretty much touristic unfortunately and so it was not that adventuring as I could expect but definitely very interesting.Even though I could only visit a tiny part of this massive Cave. I have a question dave: where exactly in Australia there are caves system? I also want to apologise about not being very much detailed with my blogs having visited most of the places a few years ago and my memory is not so fresh. Thanks so much for the comments you always write to my blogs, Dave.
18th November 2017

Come to Mulu again with us!
Hi there! Love your blog entry. Mulu is really rich these nature products, especially the mountains and the caves. Come check out our website awesome Mulu tour packages! Flights included ;D Thank you and keep the blog updated! http://borneotropicaladventures.com/
18th November 2017

Come to mulu again with us
Hi Fatin, yes the N.P. was truly stunning like it was the Borneo island. A real gem in the shallow sea. Memorable!!!!

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