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June 23rd 2008
Published: June 24th 2008
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Welcome to Maliau Basin

On the 12th Jun 08, i flew to Tawau to meet up with 2 of my clients who was doing a recce of Maliau Basin for Filming shooting. I arrived at 0745hrs they where on a flight from Kuala Lumpur and was only arriving at 1005hrs, since i was early i went for breakfast and called up the an old friend who i always use to transport me in to Maliau basin.

After the waiting and going through the boringness of being at the airport finally they landed and i met up with Mr Joshua who i found out was actually a sarawakian lad. Off we go,.... after a few stops we where entering the road where there where no sign, no traffic lights and no traffic only gravel and rainforest's cover left and right. After stopping by the Gate we mad our way in to aghatis camp we where lucky to see barking deers there were about 5 or 6 along the way in.

Aghatis camp is a simple but basic camp site toilet was available and sleeping was somewhat always comfortable...for me at least.


Up and ready to go.........breakfast was

As usual... i would tell anyone who comes to trek in maliau about how really tough Maliau is....some dont make it.
great and we even had time for a photo session,...after15 min walk my old mate Joshua had some problems. As i said Maliau is a though place to trek if ur not prepared and unfit....i had cramps to as we continued our journey up the ridges of the rim. It was worse when we stop and started smoking but me and joshua enjoyed that smoking even when it is not advisable to smoke and trek at the same time. As we took rest at pot stops along the way we where lefts with Massages from Mr Yew hoe who was up front about 35-40 min from us, one Massage read..." Come on guys guys it all challange la" and stated 3 hours ago. We found it quite funny as he try to motivate us to keep it up. As i told Joshua .." Maliau has a point for every body, its a matter of time until he starts feeling the pinch". We had Fried noodles for lunch and when your hungry and tired anything will test really good. Mind you that along the way you have to trek and climb ladders that has been provided to make the ascend

You will find 4 of this along the way than i guess anybody will be cursing.
more easy, real fact its pretty hard on the knees.

We arrive the Camel trophy hut at about 1200hrs not bad for 2 old unfit farts that actually almost turn back and went home. I was glad to see the Hut...especially the bench..we rested for about 30min and nad our way to Takob akob falls pat of the water falls that they wanted to shoot in there film. as we hike headed for the water fall we stop at a junction where Takob-akob and Giluk falls was less than an hour trek. Mr yew hoe took his camera and went on to Takob akob falls. It was about 130hrs after he came back all cursing and ramping telling us how dangerous and unexpected the trail was down to Takob akob falls..." like i said...Maliau has a point for every one". We headed of to Giluk falls which was much closer and took enough footage for the recce. That night Gilbert and Lowrance cooked up a really great meal for us.

Day 3

Up and ready for another day of hard trekking,......for target today is the Maliau falls, Breakfast was great fried noodles and eggs with some fruits.

Group Photo @ Camel Trophy Hut.
We left camel trophy at about 0800hrs my estimation of arriving the water fall junction was about 5 hours hrs at least. We got to the juction at 1145hrs we where amazingly early however due to the strain of the back pack load i estimated it would be hard to make it back to the camp site before 1730hrs. So we decided to split up so that Joshua and Yewu hoe will have less burden and a faster hike to the water fall which was about 2 30hrs hike. Me and Gilbert pack up and left them headed for Ginseng Camp. It was a bit to much for us as i had to carry 2 back pack which was about 23 kg all together and Gilbert was carrying 3 back pack which was about 32 Kg. It was a one way hike to ginseng camp and we didnt stop as we knew that the rain was coming and if we did stop it would be very hard to get the momentum back.

We arrive Ginseng camp at 125hrs pretty fast,...we set up the cooking fire and went on to prepare for dinner. We estimated that the other group would

2 old farts who thought they where tough....It was a mistake.
arrive at about 1930hrs from the hike back from the water fall.

1915hrs...we still didnt see any sighn if the other group so me and Gilbert decided if they are not back by 2000hrs we would head out and find them. At about 1730hrs i saw lights from the river below and knew that they had was a good feeling.

Day 4

Since today it was an easy hike back to Aghatis camp we figured we would depart slightly late...breakfast was fired rice and eggs. Last night we had a visitor..a civet cat who was scavenging for food in the bin woke me up at about 2 or 3 in the morning the others heard dragging noises..what was it we had no idea. as we left the camp site we visited the ginseng fall for a short while and headed off Joshua and me was having some difficulty on the knees as we had to ascend the last part of the hike as usual yew hoe and Lowrance was way up front. Lunch was along the way....actually about 1 Km from Aghatis camp site. As we arrive Aghatis camp we re packed later that evening we

Me & Joshua
headed for the Maliau Basin Study Center on a 4x4
it was a 30 min drive. the study centre is what i call a 5 star after roughing it out in the Rain forest.

That night we had a real meal after the 3 days of hiking.

Day 5

Joshua and yew hoe went of to visit the sky bridge we left maliau at about 1000hrs after a short interview with the rangers for there story line for the shooting.

Additional photos below
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Pretty good angle....although it was amature shoot.

18th July 2008

i have to learn more about the Maliau Basin because i need to do some assessment about the place..can u give me some information because i've never been there and i will be going there for my education industrial training soon.
15th January 2009

Its a good place.
Hallo, Very sorry for the really late reply to your comment, i just got back after a veryyyyyyyy..long tour around North borneo. Yes Maliau basin is a good place to getaway from the city and if you are there for research about the flora and founa its an opportunity. What do you want to know about maliau,..just drop me a line and i ll try to give you as much info as i can.

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