Brenden M Miles


Brenden M Miles

I have travel within Borneo and Mainland west Malaysia, being a tour guide has its advantages i get to see my lovely country and get to tell people from all over the world about it. I travel once to Japan and met up with friends over there got me realize that I know nothing if I don’t know my own country.

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sandakan June 17th 2015

Its been a while since i v publish anything on travelblog, been a busy and adventurous year for the state of borneo and its tourism industry..a challenging one with that. once of the interesting places which is quite new or it has been there but not much promotion and also because it s forestry reserve is dramakot. Back ground: Deramakot Forest Reserve is managed in accordance with good forestry practices. It was certified as such by the FSCTM (Forest Stewardship CouncilTM) in September 1997 and currently in its 5... read more
Checking out what best way to climb and install the camera.

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu December 2nd 2009

This time my group of riders was smaller and wanted to experience a shorter visit to Sabah and visit village area and to test the life style of the locals. it was a 3 day ride going up north and turning east ward along the foot of mt Kinabalu. we where very lucky for the 1st day and the 2nd half day as it was sunny and clear by noon the rain started. This didnt break the spirit of adventure of the guys because they had little or almost non experience in dirt road i had to give them a crash course theoretically. It was to them an experience of a lifetime traversing through gravel,muddy and wet conditions of the road up hill. The family that took us in was friendly and excited of our visit ... read more
Durian testing
Mt Kinabalu
At the tip of borneo

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu November 24th 2009

It always fascinates me when i go to maliau basin, for trekking or just for a short trip recently i went with a bunch of riders for a 2 days 1 night ride. just to spend a night in the wilderness of the rain forest riding in the rain was fun slippery road mad it though but exciting. we didnt manage to spend more time as we arrived quite late in the evening. Trekking in maliau basin is also something to do when you are in North Borneo,..its called the lost world for a reason. Not much people come hear at the moment so its worth the while before it is commercialized in the future. You can do bird watching at the study center or go for a night drive along the roads and observe wildlife..if ... read more
Aghatis camp site
Riding in maliau
Camp site

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu September 29th 2009

The rain was heavy 0n the 21st Sept 09 morning and we waited while hopping the rain will slow down so we can start our long ride. as we load up our luggage the on the support vehicle the rain started to slow down and drizzled we didnt waist any time, we sadled up and started riding towards south headed for brunei which was a 354km ride across the Sabah,Sarawak and Brunei Boarders. we had lunch at sipitang and continued the ride across the 1st boarder entering sarawak it was an easy transit not ling we had to enter brunei which we had to cross to rivers by ferry. the total boarder check points was 8 my passport was full of chopped of red green and blue stamps. Checking in and checking out it took to ... read more
Entikong boarder
Photo stop
Biker chick

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu August 6th 2009

This entry is more on to places and advices you can visit when you rent a motorcycle in Borneo if you are not sure than take a guided motorcycle tour. Sabah provides soft and extreme motorcycle trails, for the softy main roads are best to go for sights of scenery the road up Mt Kinabalu is best early in the mornings along the way food and fuel is not a problem. for those who prefer the winding roads,sceneries and meeting with the locals the south side is best. this is where you can try out a slalom kind of trek with tight bends and still enjoy the view. Northern route is best for culture experience roads are mostly straight and you get pretty sleepy on the bike for long distances. But there is some bends and ... read more
Mt Kinabalu
Northern Route
Off road

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Tawau August 6th 2009

Words cant express the satisfaction of this riders when they took the long ride every effort of calculation of fuel and food was taken in to consideration. few fell of there bikes due to overconfidence of handling there machine. It took us a total of 9 hours to make it to Maliau basin camp sight. The guys was hip and excited to explore the unknown freedom of riding through the rainforest of north borneo. There was some funny moments during the ride, we had shan who thought he had puled out the bike stan and got off and ended up on his back with the bike. Another zuki who thought the surface of the down hill was not slippery mad a bad decision negotiating a curved rolled over with the bike. Than there's the over confidence ... read more
Camp site
Dirt road to maliau basin

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu July 8th 2009

30th May 2009, on the eve of our national harvest festival a group of my buddy's set out on a 520km journey headed for a place not many have been to but have only heard of. The last time i was there was 10 years ago and wondered if it look like is does than. All preparation was done and riders was ready the waiting was unbearable as some was still organizing them self at the last minute. We set out at 0900hrs through scenic views of padi fields and villages along the way i try to take as much as possible photo's and video's to set up on this blog but the mere excitement of riding overtook my objectives. the best of the ride was when we enter the of road in to mandolong throug ... read more
Day 2

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu April 13th 2009

04th April 09, After breakfast and a short briefing we headed for a short easy off and on road trip towards the back roads of Kinarut area. along the way i gave pointers on how to ride on a gravel road since being on a flat pavement and being bounced around and trying to control your machine at the same time can be difficult. another reason why o take 1st timers on this part of the area..almost flat, easy, turns and corners and straight long gravel road which is ideal for beginners. it only took us half a day to finish the trip and i was happy as i can see a satisfied face. There is a few places for a fun off road adventure it all depends on the riders experience handling the Machine, road ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Mount Kinabalu March 17th 2009

The day looked sunny and bright! Our tour this time was heading to a village at the foot of Mt Kinabalu just a short visit. We started out running at 130km heading for Tuaran and would stop by the last refuelling point for some spare fuel just in case. The road up Nabalu was one of the best even for an enduro bike as the curves and bends snakes up the Mountain, the only mistake was not to take photo as the clouds draws in we stop as much as possible on every corner to get a good shot of the mountain. But I guess luck was not on our side as every stop we mad the clouds seem to cover the mountain “ The hell with it” one of the guys said and we proceeded ... read more
Mt Kinabalu

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu March 10th 2009

Try this out....i travel in 1 day from Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu on our enduro 150cc bikes and was accompanied by Mr Taichiro from Japan. We carried spare fuel just in case..our top speed was at 120-130..from hill to valley and through local village's along the way. Mind you most of the ride was ascending to about 1500mtr....imagine that...what would it do to the contained petrol in the gerry cane?...pop and you ll find petrol flying from the back of you bike! But that didnt happened as where prepared so all safety causation was taken. We stoped along the way for some photo views,..however we never did get a good panoramic view of Mt Kinabalu. We where really lucky up to ranau...the weather was sunny and bright so we decided to have lunch at a local ... read more
In the early mornings in Sukau
Kamen Riders
World Heritage Site

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