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April 24th 2018
Published: April 26th 2018
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Day 5

A lazy morning of cooking breakfast (after messaging for milk and butter) and not doing too much except back and forth messaging to our contacts regarding the room debacle. Nothing had been resolved so they offered us a cab driver for free for the day.

We were off to the Skycab, which is a cable car that takes you high up the mountain for panoramic views of Langkawi.

The peak of the mountain was covered in clouds and we deliberated about whether we went up or not. Asking a few people who had exited the cable car about the view they told us there were some good patches inbetween the clouds. Initially we weren't sold on it and I felt grumpy, mainly because we were originally going to go the day before after arrival but with whole room mix up, time had gotten away from us. But you can't change what had happened, so we booked the tickets.

You purchase a package and we opted for the basic one which included a 3D Art Experience. This was fun and took over an hour to get through. Posing in photos that made it look like you were a mermaid or escaping from a hippo or puppets on a string we had so much fun laughing at some of the pictures and faces we made.

The weather had slightly improved and we could kind of see the peak so we jumped on the cable car. Sharing the ride with a Muslim couple, the lady dressed in a full Burka covering her face, I offered to take a photo of them. I didn't say 'smile' but I did wonder if she did smile for photos even though you would never see it...

The Skycab was so silent and high above the trees with only a small window open, you had to strain to hear anything other than your own breath. I could distantly hear a bird call but unless we talked it felt like we were in an anaerobic chamber for the most part.

As we rose up higher the Langkawi landscape showed itself, the view of the greeny -gray -blue ocean and the mountains progressed to be able to see islands, boats and beaches the higher up we went. Trees and even a waterfall could be viewed and it was all spectacular. The silence inbetween talking gave a peaceful serenity and total appreciation of how beautiful it was.

Toward the top of part 1 of the cable ride we hit the clouds and lost all visibility. We tried to find a break in the clouds but the white mist was all around us. A different perspective, I guess on the view of Langkawi. We took selfies of the 'view' laughing at the absurdity of our photos.

Part 2 of the cable car journey took us higher up again with zero view of anything except the clouds. The lookout from here showed enough visibility of some of the trees and we saw Monkeys and were excited seeing them in their natural habitat.

Deciding not to do the skywalk as it cost extra (and let's face it, what were going to see) we took the Skycab back down with a couple of Pakistani men who were really friendly and chatty and provided some really interesting insights of the Muslim religion in Pakistan. In between chatting we admired the view once more after we broke through the clouds.

The last part of our package was for a 5 minute 4D ride through a Jurassic Park like scenario, it was okay but the 3D glasses weren't working too well.

Back at the room, we were disappointed to find that our room issue was still unresolved but it was in progress. We wasted another hour and half waiting to change rooms, I was frustrated, we could have been swimming or eating but we were just waiting in our room. I did take the opportunity to try the chocolate coated durian I had bought. I really wanted to like it. Just opening the gold foiled package released an obtrusive unholy smell and trying to not breath through my nose I popped one in my mouth. No, just no. Another durian fail.

Eventually we messaged our contact, telling him our bags were by the door and we would be in the pool. I grabbed my vodka and lychee fanta mix and we headed to the nice warm pool. Kym played his waterproof uke and I floated with mindfulness thoughts.

Our contact dropped off the key to our room and I was excited to finally be in it. We hadn't eaten and I needed to get changed, unfortunately the luggage had not arrived. I had a dummy spit for a bit and eventually ate dinner at the hotel restaurant in bathers and a towel.

Our room though was awesome. From our bedroom there was a balcony that overlooked the ocean (although it was dark now we knew it was there) Pouring ourselves a drink we sat on the balcony and felt enveloped by the calmness of the water under our apartment.

A little tiny bat hit our sliding door and fell to the floor, I guess his sonar was off. Initially I picked him up in a towel, not sure if he would bite but he climbed up my hand before flying back into the door a few more times. We brought him up to the table and after a few selfies with the cute little guy he flew off in the right direction.

When I look back on the day, even though the accommodation thing was an issue (there were a few more small things not mentioned) and even that there were clouds obscuring our view during our cable car ride I have to say there were also so many more highlights and I am thankful for them all.

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26th April 2018

Great news
Loved it, interesting.

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