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Asia » Macau » Coloane Island September 30th 2018

Ola. So we got to see Macau in the light of day today and its pretty darn cool, maybe if we go to China again we should stop at Macau first for a few days as a sort of warm up for China, where everything looks a bit different, but there are a few things that are familiar and the language isn't such a big problem - it might lessen the culture shock a little bit. And it's really nice too. I forgot to mention earlier but a massive typhoon ripped through all the places we're visiting a week ago today, but you would hardly know it except for a few trees that they haven't dug up properly yet. They're amazingly efficient here and in Shenzhen too at cleaning up after the storm. So today after ... read more
Casino Lisboa
Street in Taipa
Liam does not love egg tarts

Asia » Macau » Coloane Island February 13th 2013

"Proxima paragem: Avenida General Castelo Branco" gracchia l'altoparlante dell'autobus. E' la mia fermata. Passo di fronte e mi inchino davanti alla barocca Igreja do Nossa Senora de Fatima ma tiro dritto e mi dirigo senza più nessuna esitazione verso il luogo in cui ho deciso di giocarmi tutti i risparmi di una vita dedicata al lavoro: il canidromo di Macau! Il programma prevede di starmene beatamente seduto in tribuna fumando acri sigari del Guangxi, sorseggiando pessimo baijiu marca "verga di toro", scommettendo su un branco di levrieri alla disperata rincorsa di una finta lepre appesa ad un carrello. Sfortunatamente gli astri mi sono avversi e ci si mette il capodanno lunare a privarmi di cotante emozioni: una settimana di chiusura totale e cani disoccupati ad annoiarsi nelle loro gabbie; mi ritrovo allora in città con una ... read more
La città di Macau
La facciata della chiesa di San Paolo
mi hanno rifilato 10 patacche

Asia » Macau » Coloane Island January 30th 2012

I have eaten so many cuisines in many places in the world: dimsum in Hongkong, Pad Thai in Bangkok, Taiwanese Fried Chicken in Taipei, Bibimbap in Seoul and Hainanese Chicken in Singapore; yet whenever I think of a unique cuisine I always think of Portuguese Food. It’s not your mainstream type of cuisine, since it is not very popular like American, Italian and Chinese food here in the Philippines. It was my first time to eat this kind of food that is really different from what I have ever tasted. The food at Fernando’s Restaurant at Coloane,Macau was surprisingly delicious. It’s not because that I have not been to Portugal that is why I don’t know anything about Portuguese food, but I thought that it would be very similar to Spanish Cuisine but it isn’t. Fernando’s ... read more

Asia » Macau » Coloane Island March 27th 2010

Earlier in the week Elyse and I had switched our classes around so that we had Friday off. I made sure to let all of the teachers know that it was my birthday on the 27th. I figured they might get me some ridiculously large basket of fruit, chicken claws, or something uniquely Chinese. Yeah, but no; nothing at all is what I got. No "have a good birthday" or "have fun." I guess its pretty standard that most of the teachers at our school hardly acknowledge our presence nor even are concerned with us in the least bit. They pretty much suck. On Thursday we headed to Martin and Stay's house since it was closer to the Shekou Ferry Terminal. The only catch was that the woman who owned the villa only accepted cash and ... read more
Crew inside the Venetian
Fernando's Great Food
Coloane-Black Sand beach

Asia » Macau » Coloane Island August 19th 2009

Hallo there! There is a large chunk of information I out of my bog at this moment, that’s the things we saw and did before we left the car. In all honestly I must confess that I don’t recall most of it without a map and without the pictures I took, which stayed behind when I left my computer in the car. I deemed the computer too heavy to carry along, based on my previous experience a year ago. What I’m writing about Laos leaves out all the glitz and splendor Ann has related in her latest website addition under the heading Laos and for anyone interested in the incredible things that await the curious traveler in that country I strongly suggest you look up So I take up the story after we left the ... read more
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Asia » Macau » Coloane Island August 7th 2009

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