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November 10th 2011
Published: November 10th 2011
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Well I made it out of Pattaya and headed to Bangkok, got the bus then got to the bus station and got searched by the tourist police, they asked why i was in Thailand and i just came out with 'cos i can' without putting much thought in to it. This resulted in all my shit being emptied out my bag... happy days. I then caught a taxi to Koh san road which is absolutely mental, just stayed one night there then went to wat pho and another wat across the river from there. It was my first temple experience and they were beautiful one of them you can climb near vertical steps to the top.... which i dont recommend doing in a skirt because you end up getting japanese tourists below you trying to take pictures. I then caught the overnight sleeper train to Chaing mai which ended up taking nearly 18 hours because of the flooding, that was a strange experience in itself the seats turn in to bunk beds, and again trying to negotiate then like a lady was difficult. I got to Chang mai and met and english guy going to the same hostal so we shared a tuk tuk and off we went, we then went to look at the town and some of the temples a lot of people have said the town was beautiful- unfortunately i missed that! It was ok but again loads of old blokes with thai birds and lots of british tourists... not really the thailand i was hoping to see. Never the less we went out and same old story got smashed on whiskey buckets got lost trying to find the hostel then i woke up late fully clothed still with makeup on the next morning.... nice. I quickly grabbed a shower and waited for my bus to arrive to take me to the slow boat to get to laos. The journey to the first stop was 3 hours and my hangover coupled with the drivers very very poor driving meant i was feeling sicker and sicker, finally i had to yell STOOOOOOP and hang my head out the window and spew my guts up, luckilly i felt better after. We visted the white temple on the way which was amazing, however in the temples gardens they had a full scale replica of the predator off the film which i thought was a bit odd and inside the temple they had paintings of superman and spiderman.... very, very wierd! We then went to a nice little guest house in chaing kong where we spent the night it had a pool so we spent a little time in there before dinner. We went out that night and visited a strange little pub where the toilet was plastered with pictures of naked women... the owner said it was artistic. I on the other hand just thought it was perverse. The next morning we went to get the slowboat firstly we had to cross the border... it was the worst border crossing yet everything was so unorganised! The trip down the mekong was great Laos is so so beautiful. in 2 days we didnt see one town just jungle and hills and a few villages. After the first day we stopped in a littletown overnight where we had a few drinks my guesthouse was horrific to say the least but it was only a bed for the night. The next morning we awoke to find it was pissing it down and the whole town had turned in to a river which meant the wwalk dowwn to the boat was challenging to say the least. It continued raining for most of the day but i was nice because you could see all the clouds in the valleys. Finally after 2 days on the boat we arrived in luang prabang a very pretty little town had a fantastic dinner then went to see the most amazing waterfalls today probably one of the most beautiful things iv seen on this trip. I hiked for an hour or so up to the top then came back down and swam in one of the pools below, it was great. Im now waiting for a bus to take me to my next destination which is vang vieng... famous for the tubing. YEHA!!!


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