Vang Vieng Tubing and Magic Mushrooms

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November 12th 2011
Published: November 12th 2011
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The bus journey to vang vieng was bumpy and bendy to say the least unfortunately it was dark but i wish id have gone in the day because we went through the mountains and i bet the scenery was awesome. 11.30 I arrived and found a guest house and got some sleep. Up early the next morning i headed in to town to get my bearings and soon found a tube and headed off in a tuk tuk to the river to start the tubing. I got talking to a group of australians and we stated on the beer... pretty soon i was a bit tipsy and we were playing 'beer pong' where you have to throw a table tennis ball in to a beer glass. And if you get it in your apponent has to drink. Obviously i was shite and ended up having a skinfull. We got in our tubes and headed down river to the next bar someone threw us a rope and in we went. This bar had a MASSIVE jump in to the river up a big tower. Well i was feeling a bit brave after a few beers and up i went but when i got to the top... well fuck m it was a bit higher than anticipated then the guy was telling me not to jump in this direction or that direction because if i do i will land on rocks and probably die... very comforting. I wanted to chicken out but a small crowd was watching so i counted to three and hurled myself off... luckily i didnt hit any rocks and im still here to tell the tale. I was the first person off but as the day went on more and more pissed up guys were doing kamakazi tricks into the water. Not till today i found out someone actually landed on the rocks and broke their leg just after i left. Anyways we visted a few more bars and of course i had a go on all the slides and swings, i went on the 'slide of death' i didnt know it was called that before i went on it of course but apparently 1 person a year dies on it. Again im ok but have a mild case of whiplash i reckon. We headed back to town then i went out for some food. In the bars here they give you two menus... i didnt realise why, now i do. I ordered a pizza and a milkshake off the 'happy menu' yes they both had magic mushrooms in them. Upon later inspection of the menu i realised 'happy menu' means drugs and you can order everything from a spliff to opium tea... crazy stuff. I managed a few hours but when i started seeing people with two heads i decided to call it a day and go back to my room. Unfortunately there was some laos people singing karakoke very poorly and very loudly, that didnt do much for my state of mind!!! I had a few hours spaced out then slept it off! This morning i got up and saw some people i met on the boat to laos and we went tubing again. No drink for me today though and we actually made it all the way down the river and got to enjoy the scenery. Tonight we are going out for dinner but i will certainly be staying away from the happy menu.


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