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Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang May 19th 2016

I updated our blog map. We've passed 25,600 miles; that's a lot of air, bus, boat, coach, motorhome, bicycle, tricycle and foot travelling. It was very atmospheric to watch the sun go down behind the jungle covered crags, with fisherman in very long and narrow boats whipping down the Mekong, as we ordered and ate our evening meal; chicken curry for Cas, Chicken and mash for the Kids and Chicken Noodle soup for me. Bock,bock,bock,bock,bock,begowwwwk.... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang May 18th 2016

After a bit to eat at the hotel it was time to say goodbye to Cambodia and move onto Laos. Our original itinerary had is travelling up through Cambodia by bus, crossing the border and visiting various places in Southern Laos before arriving in the capital Vientiane. After doing so many bus miles in Peru, we decided to scrap this itinerary completely and fly to the Northern part of Laos, to Luang Prabang, so we could spend our time doing stuff. T It was whilst we sat in the airport, bags checked through, that we remembered we needed our passport photographs for the Laos entry visa. Well, there was nothing to be done but wing it. We needn't have worried, they took our $30 per person and didn't even ask for the pic. Luang Prabang is ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang May 10th 2016

We arrived at Bangkok Airport at 4am in the morning, too late to use the metro system. We anticipated being ripped off by a dodgy taxi man outside the airport like I was 10 years previous. We found the taxi rank with no trouble and to our surprise found a touch screen which dispensed a ticket number, the taxi lane, taxi registration plate and driver name on it. This was the first of many surprises we found in the highly advanced city. We stayed in Happy Hugs Hostel which was great and near the metro system (that we didn't use). The Staff were really helpful until Jodi tried to use the washing machine and got told off by the cleaner. Jodi got evil looks the rest of our stay. We were honestly told we could use ... read more
Bangkok Garden
Ice, syrup and condensed milk!?
Jodi tickling

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang March 6th 2016

Rob Writes: I’m still in a state of shock. I had eaten nearly three large portions of that fried pork. On the bright side though, I’m sure I’ve unknowingly eaten worse when I’ve ordered the ‘Fried Rice & Meat’ dishes that are all too common round these parts. It ruined the following days breakfast though so I cheered myself up with French toast, bacon and maple syrup, no beetle. Where were we? Next up was our journey into Laos. I’d read a lot about this and felt that I knew enough and it was time to just go for it. We had played with the idea of booking a tour, arranging the entire thing through a tour agency to take the way to Luang Prabang but decided against it for a number of reasons. How hard ... read more
Slow Boats
Our Very Busy Slow Boat
Pak Beng

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang February 9th 2016

There were quite a lot of things we didn't do today. We didn't get up early and get the boat to the Pak Ou caves, although the thought of a slow motor up the Mekong and back seemed very appealing. We didn't go to the Kwang Si Waterflls either, which was what Sam had wanted to do. Instead, we gave ourselves a break and I researched into hotels with swimming pools we could use. One non- hotel option was called La Pistoche, out of town so either hire bikes or get a tuktuk. The reviews on Tripadvisor weren't too glowing, so I found one also 5km south out of town. The sister hotel in town is the Villa Santi, on the main road. It has a free shuttle bus to Santi Resort and Spa. The photos ... read more
Primary school
School snack stall

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang February 8th 2016

It sure isn't quiet here in the morning. From 6.30am the cockerel starts, then there are the dogs, barking, yipping, sounding like they are being strangled and now we have the Carpenters shalalalalaaaaing from somewhere downstairs. Where is the pharmacy woman with her slipper when we need her? Definitely the upstairs rooms here are nicer. Polished wooden floors and doors, cleaner, a shower curtain and a view of a building site and phone mast. The reception, which also doubles up as the family living area, has mostly been manned by the father of the family lately, and he's very smily and helpful. They have photos on the wall and a very old lady in a woolly hat is always around sitting in the sun (sometimes the hat comes off). It must be his mother. She is ... read more
Frogs. Not happy.

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang February 7th 2016

So Bali is HINDU, not Buddhist (thanks, Tex), but the ambience is samesame. We had a really lovely day. Went out for delicious breakfast. Sam was super-excited to get bargain boiled eggs (3 of them) and slightly strange bread, and I had rice soup with vegetables. Sam: vegetables are not a breakfast food. Rice is not a breakfast food. I hate dill, and there is shedloads of it in your soup. I can smell it from here.Therefore your breakfast is composed entirely of unacceptable food items! It was really delicious! To me, at least…….. I do not require an opinion of my breakfast in order to enjoy it. Great view of the river crossing ferry, which looks like a floating bungalow cut in half with cars in the middle. We went to a travel agent and ... read more
Super-excited about boiled eggs
My rice soup with vegetables
Bungalow in half ferry across the Mekong

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang February 6th 2016

Our last night wasn't very peaceful until very late. At 10.30pm the Chinese group were still demanding extra blankets and shouting to each other up and down the stairwell, and arguing the toss over a couple of dollars here and there. We were in the middle of them, on floor 3. We were reading, so irritated but not annoyed. Yet. By 11.30 when we had stopped reading and wanted to sleep we were annoyed. Sam, dressed in very little, opened the door and SHHHHHHHD them, 3 times, very loudly. They did quieten down then and close their door, but the action had woken Sam up completely and she wasn't tired any more. This was not good! In the morning I bumped my bag down the stairs, hoping to wake a few of them up, we had ... read more
Ban Hoxieng, Mekong at the end
Poor creatures in whisky
Information about the poor creatures in the whisky

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang February 6th 2016

Une petite semaine de pause vélo s'impose pour mon popotin qui a beaucoup subit dernièrement c'est la que je vais retrouver des copains de Toulouse , Fernand, Marlon et Hugo ! Grâce à notre super guest house la semaine ce résume par des passages au marché pour des préparation des produit locaux dans la cuisine, ainsi que des balades dans cette belle ville et un petit passage à la belle cascade !... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang February 2nd 2016

Départ de Vang Vieng de bonne heure, la première étape ce fait dans un petit village ou ce trouve la Nola guest house, les 55 kilomètres qui y mènent sont s onctueux et arrivé sur place un lieux magnifique l'on peu partir ce balader dans des villages de toute beauté ! Je vais donc y rester deux jours en compagnie de Douan et Alex ! Le soir venue match de foot avec les Lao et le lendemain petite journée tubing avec tout les back pakers de la guest ! Puis départ pour les sources d'eau chaude 40Kilomètre petite journée ! Le soir petite baignade avec les Lao c'est la que je rencontre Erwan avec qui je continu-ré ma route mais le lendemain après seulement 10 kilomètres mon pneu me lâche avec un jolie trous, heureusement directement ... read more

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