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Asia » Laos » West » Huay Xai August 18th 2016

Up early to take a few photos and partake of a sumptuous breakfast before hitting the water once more. We had only just got underway and I was settling in when I noticed a bamboo raft, with what appeared to be a coffin on it, floating past. I asked one of the crew about it not really believing what I was seeing and he confirmed that it was indeed a coffin. Apparently some of the hill tribes believe that if a person dies by drowning or falling out of a tree and such like, their spirit is troubled so they can't be burned, they are instead set afloat on the river, after a few days the raft breaks up and the river claims them. Pretty much the only disturbance on the river is the occasional fast ... read more
Fast boat

Asia » Laos » West » Huay Xai February 20th 2016

Après ce super trek de retour sur le vélo au aurore avec une belle journée, un premier arrêt pour manger puis belle baignade, et sieste sur l'eau avec des bateaux en bamboo! La suite du voyage ne ce passe pas très bien le pneu que j'ai acheté fut de mauvaise qualité il a donc littéralement explosé, un peu de stop et me voila rendu à Huay Xai ville en frontière ou je vais passer deux nuit pour pars la suite passer en Thaïlande... Info Voyageur: La ville de Huay Xai n'a aucun charme et propose des hébergements cher autrement dit inutile d'y rester plus d'une nuit !... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Huay Xai February 1st 2015

Okay so a lot has happened in a week since our last blog update but today is our first day off & we can't wait any longer to tell you the crazy wonderful moments that we have experienced. Let's start with the people in our tour group who we are sharing these unforgettable events with as they have proven to become more then fellow backpackers but Family. It should begin with our tour guide leader Josh aka Mr Friendly, an incredibly kind spiritual man originally from New Zealand but has spent the last few years in Asia absorbing the culture & who has a boundless amount of knowledge & respect for the Country's we are travelling through. Appears we have been not only lucky in our tour leader but the group as well. The group consists ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Huay Xai November 25th 2014

Boot-Trip von Huay Xai nach Luang Prabang... read more
Mekong Boote
Mekong Boot

Asia » Laos » West » Huay Xai August 2nd 2013

Bit late with this one but hey its "laos time"......... Crossed over the water from Chiang khong to huay xai in laos and thru immagration before boarding the slow boat. On a boat with people from over the world and within an hour we are playing the international game of "shithead". Hayley the new yorker reckoned i would be shithead!!..........dont think she banked on me being a shithead card shark......unlucky punk ;) Cant get more chilled than the pace we was rocking, hence the name slow boat but any faster and you would miss the most amazing scenery laos has to offer. Check out the pics below. As its a 2 day journey we are dropped off in pakbeng where we all spend the night. Imagine your worst nightmare then treble it!! This was our digs ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Huay Xai March 6th 2013

Summary: Nagi of the Mekong - Slow boat Crazy German, nice Belgium couple, Dutch duo and Phet Read more... In the morning I wake up to an amazing site of the Mekong river which separates Thailand and Laos as the sun raises up over the river in the east I realise that this is exactly why you travel. Today I have booked a slow boat tour with Nagi of the Mekong down stream starting in Chiang Khong and ending in Luang Prabang with a stop in between in Pak Bang. The tour is a mid rang option with the backpacker boat being the budget option at I would assume to be very very cheap and the premium option being the Luang Say at approximately. More coming soon guys... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Huay Xai January 11th 2013

After about 2 wonderful weeks in Thailand, I took the next obvious step on the travellers agenda: the 2 day / 1 night slowboat to Luang Prbang. I conveniently booked the trip for 1750 baht at the Pai aYa service bus station for January 3rd. We were supposed to leave Pai in a minivan by 6pm to arrive at the Thai border town Chiang Khong around midnight and spend the night there. Unfortunately, we were delayed about 3 hours and did not get to Chiang Khong until 3 a.m. after the most uncomfortable ride I've so far in South East Asia. The next morning we had to wake up at 7 a.m. only to realize that we wouldn't leave for the border until 8 a.m. and only wait for a crappy breakfast. Tired and grumpy, we ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Huay Xai November 28th 2012

LOGISTICS re: VISA RUN TO LAO DPR (LAOS): click on link to see VIDEO OF BOAT ON MEKONG RIVER BE SURE TO SCROLL TO FOLLOWING PAGES TO SEE ALL PHOTOS (32) Time again for a run to the border to renew my visa. I've been to Laos a long time ago but only the capital city of Vientiane. The place has gotten very popular with backpackers and also tour groups, mostly French, visiting their former colony. The bus from Chiang Mai to Chiang Khong on this side of the Mekong River, leaves twice a day. I took the 8:30am bus which stops for half an hour at Pha Yeo before arriving at Chiang Khong about 3:30pm. Hotels here range from $6 to $10 depending on the distance you are to the immigration point and boat ... read more
Crossing Mekong River to start river trip
Crossing Mekong River
Other side of Mekong

Asia » Laos » West » Huay Xai August 28th 2012

To get back into Thailand we decided to head north in Laos and cross at the Huay Xai border. We couldn’t find much info on our route, so I'll detail it in case anyone reading is doing the same. We set off from Luang Prabang at 8.30 am on a substantially bigger boat than the last time we left the pier! It was rammed full of locals and a handful of tourists, we tried to buy tickets in advance but you have to get them on the day and its best to get there at 8 ish to get a seat! The weather was fantastic, which made a change as we always seem to move on in bad weather! The 10 hour ride was really relaxing, we passed local kids playing in the river, people fishing ... read more
Dropping off a family with their shopping
Kids Playing
Sun setting on the Mekong

Asia » Laos » West » Huay Xai August 4th 2012

Stefan Loose und Lonely Planet schwaermen einstimmig vom Geheimtipp Phongsaly: in Laos noerdlichster Provinz findet sich noch unberuhrter Urwald, auf 1600 Metern Hoehe erstrecken sich Tee-Plantagen, und nachhaltige Trekkingangebote fuehren in abgelegene Bergdoerfer. Die Anfahrt beschreiben sie allerdings als reine Nervenprobe und das Trekking als "keinen Sonntagsspaziergang". Das weckte natuerlich unsere Neugier und unseren Ehrgeiz als hartgesottene "Traveller" und wir beschlossen, Phongsaly zum unbedingten Hauptziel unserer Reise zu machen. Laut Plan A wuerde dieses Unterfangen zwei Tagesreisen im Bus erfordern, was uns durchaus machbar erschien. In einem Mini-Van starteten wir in Huay Xai gemeinsam mit einer Hand voll Laoten, einem deutschen Backpackerpaar mittleren Alters, einem Reissack und einem Eimer Kroeten in Richtung Udomxai. Wir fuhren durch die dicht bewaldeten Huegel des N... read more

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