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Asia » Laos » South » Attapeu June 13th 2008

We had decided not to set an alarm but were wide awake by 7am anyway. We watched a little bit of TV before setting off. The goal for the day was to find the village of Pha'am which apparently still has an anti-aircraft gun from the war. The village was meant to be about 35km from Attapeu but as our odometer ticked past 45 km alarm bells started ringing. We had asked for directions plenty of times and always been pointed in the direction we were headed. As the petrol guage dipped into the red we hit a large mountain and painfully made our way to the top, looking for Pha'am. At the top there was nothing apart from a lookout point and a pickup truck. Lucky for us the man with the truck was able ... read more
Breakdown No.2

Asia » Laos » South » Attapeu June 12th 2008

Late start this morning meant we were ready to go by 8am, we said a quick goodbye to the two girls as we passed their hotel and headed off for Sekong. 35km later after some very rough track we stopped for some pho (foe) and then continued towards Sekong. Today we both felt as if our asses had been in some kind of accident because they were incredibly sore!! On the way to Sekong we passed a sign for some more waterfalls and veered off onto a very narrow, very wet dirt track. Of course disaster is always around the corner and as we went through a particularly muddy patch the bike slipped sideways, flinging us gently into a bush. Luckily we both stayed on and upright and were shaken a little but nothing worse. Mark's ... read more
Breakdown no.1
Tad Feak Waterfalls

Asia » Laos » South » Attapeu March 23rd 2008

The long flat road stretched out endlessly south from Vientienne. The first day was ok; we made good progress despite a relentless headwind and towards the end of the day the forested hills of a National Park loomed up to the left of the road. We checked into a nice little guesthouse and set out to find the market in the tiny town. We managed to stock up with bananas and peanuts, which are about the only snack food we have found in this country. It was only then that we noticed the other more exotic foods for sale: kingfishers, herons and squirrels lay dead on the tables. Our hearts fell even more as we looked round to find a flattened pangolin and a civet (we think) for sale too. Once the stallholders had realised that ... read more
Hmmmm Coffee
Tham Chmapay Waterfall, Bolaven Plateau

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